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One-time Encryption Algorithm Based on Finite Field Key Exchange


  • Online:2023-05-01 Published:2023-04-29



  1. (重庆移通学院重庆401520)
  • 通讯作者: 江宝安 硕士,讲师.主要研究方向为通信理论与密码学.
  • 作者简介:江宝安 硕士,讲师.主要研究方向为通信理论与密码学.

Abstract: This paper presents a feasible solution to the worldwide problem of implementing onetime encryption. The scheme uses a finite field key exchange algorithm (i.e., public key cryptography algorithm) with the order of Mersenne prime proposed by me. The sender and the receiver do not need to preallocate, transmit and store symmetric keys, but only require the sender and the receiver to disclose their public keys and keep their private keys secret. The private keys and related public keys are changed every time they communicate, which fully realizes the perfect confidentiality of one key at a time. The finite field public key cryptography algorithm with the order of Mersenne prime is based on modulo2 operation, which is convenient for software and hardware implementation. Theoretical analysis and computational simulation have proved its effectiveness, and it has a wide range of theoretical and practical application value.

Key words: onetime pad, finite field, key exchange, public key cryptology, discrete logarithms, Mersenne prime

摘要: 一次一密的实际应用是世界性难题,签于此,提出一种可行的解决方案.该方案利用一种阶为梅森素数的有限域密钥交换算法(即公钥密码算法),在收发双方不需要预先提前分配、传输和存储对称密钥,只要求收发双方公开自己的公钥,而保密自己的私钥,每通信1次就更换私钥及相关的公钥,完全实现一次一密的完善保密性.阶为梅森素数的有限域公钥密码算法本身基于模2运算,便于软硬件快速实现,理论分析和计算仿真均证明其有效性, 具有广泛的理论和实际应用价值.

关键词: 一次一密, 有限域, 密钥交换, 公钥密码, 离散对数, 梅森素数

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