Journal of Information Security Research ›› 2019, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (4): 352-360.

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Research on WordPress 5.0.0 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


  • Received:2019-04-08 Online:2019-04-15 Published:2019-04-08

WordPress 5.0.0远程代码执行漏洞研究


  1. 杭州安恒信息技术股份有限公司安全研究院
  • 通讯作者: 李金鑫
  • 作者简介: 李金鑫, 本科,主要研究领域为Web安全、移动安全Android方向.

Abstract: With the high-speed development of the Internet, the security problems of Web applications have become increasingly prominent. In the context of the widespread used open source software, it has become more and more concerned by security practitioners. There is no doubt that open source software occupies an irreplaceable position in current network applications, its security issues are always related to a large number of our daily use applications. These security issues can cause immeasurable damage, both to individuals and businesses. Especially when these security issues or vulnerabilities are exploited by some attackers, the consequences are unimaginable. From the perspective of Internet companies, it is particularly necessary and vital to solve security problems. Research on open vulnerabilities can help security practitioners understand the causes of vulnerabilities and the main techniques of exploits better, help companies and their users reduce the risk of potential losses. As you can see, WordPress, an important part of open source software contributes to lots of Web applications, the representative of blog and content manage system, is all the time focused on by the attackers around the world. Some experienced attackers may use different exploit ways to bypass the existed protection policy which is based on the well-known tricks that published. At the same time, these attackers are now more circumspect about using these exploit ways to avoid these new ways being exposed. For the most enterprises, they consequently have no ability to keep knowing it in real time and they will be caught off guard when the attackers come. In a sense, to discuss about the different exploit ways is indispensable. Therefore, this paper combines the published analysis paper about WordPress 5.0.0 remote code execution vulnerability, proposes a different exploit way on last step which directly causes arbitrary code execution that can be maliciously exploited by some attackers. Purpose of the research is to provide detailed info for the security practitioners', help them understand the causes of the vulnerability, complete the vulnerability recurrence with a different approach, as well as to enhance their vulnerability detection capabilities and promote the enterprise to effectively discover and fix the vulnerabilities.

Key words: vulnerability analysis, vulnerability research, high risk vulnerability, WordPress 5.0.0, remote code execution, WordPress RCE

摘要: 随着互联网的高速发展,Web应用的安全问题日益突出.在开源软件被广泛使用的背景下,开源软件的安全问题愈发受到安全行业从业者的关注.毫无疑问,开源软件在当前网络应用中占据了不可替代的地位,其安全问题一直事关大量被日常使用的应用.这些安全问题可能会对个人和企业造成无法估量的损失.尤其是这些安全问题或漏洞被攻击者利用时,后果是不堪设想的.从互联网公司的角度来讲,解决这些安全问题非常重要.公开的漏洞研究可以帮助安全从业者更好地了解漏洞的成因和漏洞的攻击手法,帮助公司及用户降低潜在损失的风险.众所周知,WordPress是开源软件的重要组成部分.它为大量的Web应用作出了贡献.作为博客和内容管理系统的杰出代表,它一直备受全球攻击者的关注.一些有经验的攻击者,可能会使用不同的漏洞利用方法来绕过现有的已经被公开发布到网上的防护策略.与此同时,这些攻击者也越来越谨慎使用这些漏洞攻击方法,避免新的利用方式被暴露.对于大多数的企业而言,他们也因此无法实时了解这些攻击方法,当攻击来临时可能会显得措手不及.从某种意义上来说,讨论不同的漏洞利用方法是必要的.因此结合已公开的有关WordPress 5.0.0远程代码执行漏洞的分析文章,提出了一种不同的、可以直接导致任意代码执行、并且可能被攻击者恶意使用的漏洞利用方式.研究的目的在于为安全从业者提供详细的步骤,帮助他们了解漏洞成因,并以不同的方式完成漏洞复现,增强漏洞检测能力,促进企业高效地发现和修复漏洞.

关键词: 漏洞分析, 漏洞研究, 高危漏洞, WordPress 5.0.0, 远程代码执行, WordPress远程代码执行