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    05 February 2016, Volume 2 Issue 2
    Leveraging “Internet Plus” and Big Data for the Improvement of Services Supervision
    Cui Chuanzhen
    2016, 2(2):  98-106. 
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    Summary of Physical Space Information Security Technology Development
    Zhang Meng, Huang Weiqing, Wang Siye, and Sun Degang
    2016, 2(2):  107-116. 
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    Currently, physical space has become the important battlefield of stealing information and anti stealing information. The reports of attack techniques and products for the physical isolation network by Western media marks that the conception of physical space security has evolved from the traditional physical security to offnet attack and defense against which integrated the use of big data, sensor network, etc. This paper describes the extension conception of physical space security, summarizes the current development of physical space information security technology and analyzes the development trend and characteristics. At last proposes the protection and monitoring architecture against offnet attack technology is proposed.
    Covert Visible Light Information Transmission Technology and Detection
    Duan Jingyuan, Gai Yibing
    2016, 2(2):  117-122. 
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    Eavesdrop technology involves the national confidential information security. As the representative of covert visible light information transmission, visible light communication eavesdrop technology has the characteristics of strong elusiveness, being difficult to detect and protect and wide distribution of LED lights, which will lead to huge threats to information security. This paper first describes research status of visible light communication eavesdrop technology at home and abroad. The technical principles and key technologies are also introduced. Then through the analysis of characteristics of visible light communication eavesdrop technology, it shows that the technology will be a serious threat to the national information security. According to the security problems of this technology, the paper proposes that relative organizations should take measure to strengthening awareness and employ visible light communication eavesdrop detection device.
    Eavesdropping Attacks on Optical Fiber Communication and Countermeasure of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology
    Kong Qingshan, Kang Di, Wang Ye, Zhang Meng, Huang Weiqing
    2016, 2(2):  123-130. 
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    fiber communication becomes more and more important, this paper first analyzes fiber information leakage detection methods, including point to point the lowspeed communication and high speed DWDM communication coherent detection method. Based on the corresponding detection principle, we get actual test results and analysis, which reveal that the information leakage risks. According to the optical information leakage risks, protection method of optical fiber information based on optical frequency domain reflectometry is introduced.
    The Transmission Technology of Covert Information Based on Acoustic Channel
    Ding Xuejie, Li Bin, Wei Di, Zhang Meng, Sun Degang
    2016, 2(2):  131-136. 
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    In this paper we introduce a transmission technology of covert information using acoustic channel. As one of key covert communication technologies, it has been attracting widespread attention and interest in the study field of physical security. This technology can achieve the transmission of hidden information between smart terminal devices, such as smart phones and personal computers. The secret data was transformed into a sound wave (frequency ranging from 15kHz to 20kHz) and then sent out by speakers from transmitting end. At the receiving end, the sound wave was recorded by microphones and decoded. Compared with other close range communication modes, this technology has obvious advantage, not only can be implemented simply with low cost as long as the transmitter and the receiver are broadcast and recording equipment can be achieved,but also assure that the covert transmission of information in the hidden voice channel without detecting the existence of secret information by the third party
    Research on Character Recognition of Reconstructed Image from Electromagnetic Emanation of Information Equipment
    Xu Yanyun1, Guo Jia2, Li Yiwei1,3, and Sun Degang1
    2016, 2(2):  137-142. 
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    The information leakage caused by electromagnetic emanation of information equipment is a great hidden danger in information security. With information equipment widely used, the technology of information reconstruction from electromagnetic emanation of information equipment has been paid widespread attention. However, the Automatic recognition technology of reconstructing text in the information equipment has not aroused peoples attention. Artificial recognition method of reconstructing the text is timeconsuming, and images are not facilitate to save and realize automatic retrieval. So it is unable to find useful information quickly. This paper proposes an automatic character recognition method based on template matching to fit the "horizontal" lack property of reconstructed image from electromagnetic emanation of computer video. Experiments show that this method is suitable for the characteristics of the electromagnetic leakage text information, which can automatically and quickly identify the text information of the electromagnetic leakage reduction image.
    Modulated Signal Information Security Risk Analysis in Wireless Communications
    Wei Dong1, Liu Bo2, Liang Lili1, and Li Min1
    2016, 2(2):  143-149. 
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    Wireless communications have gone deep into every aspect of peoples work and lives, but its security cannot be overlooked. Due to the openness of the physical channel in wireless communications, modulated signals carrying important information are completely exposed in free space. However, there are few protective measures for the modulated information at the physical layer in current wireless communication systems so that an attacker can use blind signal processing technique to recover important information of signals and make legal communications suffer huge security threats. The paper focuses on the modulated signal information security risk analysis in wireless communications. Recovery methods of important modulated signal features in noncooperative communications, including instantaneous features and constellation diagram, are introduced first, then qualitative risk assessments for the key features of modulated signals are made by simulating analysis.
    Research on USBHID Device Security
    Lü Zhiqiang1, Liu Zhe3,4, Chang Zijing1,2, Zhang Ning1, and Jiang Jianguo1,4
    2016, 2(2):  150-158. 
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    This paper discusses research activities that investigated the risk and protection mechanism associated with USB devices. Using USB interface protocol, an adversary can mount suck an attack with an objective to get the administrators permission of computer, autorunning the malware, obtaining the stored information, even remotely controlling the computer. The work was validated through the design and implementation of a malicious USB device that can be disguised as the keyboard. Files stored in the computer are got remotely through this keyboard without violating any system rules. With high concealment, this method has high threat to classified computers, which cannot be found or removed by the antivirus program. Furthermore, this paper proposes the corresponding protection mechanism of USB devices.
    Research of Emergency Resources Big Data Cloud Security Management
    Han Xiaolu1 and Lü Xin2
    2016, 2(2):  159-165. 
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    In the life cycle of the emergency, emergency resource data is constantly gathered from the physical world to the virtual network space in the cyberphysical systems of emergency resource management, constructing the emergency resource big data. The analysis and treatment process of emergency resources big data even improved emergency response efficiency greatly, but it will face the security problems in the cyberphysical systems of emergency resource management. By the analysis of the generation and character of emergency resources big data, and the research in cloud safety threat faced by emergency resources big data, this paper proposes the cloud platform architecture of emergency resources data center and the capability promoting model regarding the cloud security management of emergency resources big data. This paper provides a reference model for constructing the security capability of sustainable promotion in the analysis and treatment process of the emergency resources big data, making the big data security management in the cyberphysical systems of emergency resource management more manageable and effective.
    PDF File Malicious Code Detection Method Based on Spectrum Analysis
    Hao Chenxi and Fang Yong
    2016, 2(2):  166-171. 
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    In basic research based on compound documents malicious code detection method of spectrum analysis, a spectrum analysis method based on machine learning is proposed to detect the malicious code in PDF file, firstly, we introduced the PDF file malicious code detection system and make a further optimization of the improved real sequence FFT algorithm based on the original ; we made the spectrum transformation of all the field contents extracted from the PDF file storage structure, and analyzed the transformed spectrum map, extracted feature attributes of those spectrum maps by using machine learning algorithms, then formed whether PDF files infected with malicious code is detected according to the machine learning algorithm ,and finally, through experimental analysis , to verify the correctness and validity of the method used , and gives the implementation of the whole system and test result data.
    Development and Applications of Multimedia Technology in Physical Space Security
    Zhao Junhong1, Zhang Weiqiang2, Zheng Minghui3, Zhang Meng1, and Huang Weiqing1
    2016, 2(2):  172-179. 
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    This paper focuses on the applications of multimedia information processing technology in the field of physical space security.In this article, the development of speech, image and video information hiding technology, digital watermarking technology, information source identification technology and the multimedia forensics technology are introduced in detail. And the intercrossed applications and development trends of multimedia technologies in information security areas.
    The Research and Implementation of a RealTime Network Risk Visualization Technology
    Wang Lin and Hu Xiaoqin
    2016, 2(2):  180-185. 
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    Today, the network malicious behavior goes into the explosive growth. And the traditional text based or simple chart based network intrusion detection systems are hard to use in the face of massive network data. Intrusiondetectionbased realtime network risk visualization technology can transfer massive data to graphics and images dynamically in time. Then, we can build realtime imaged communication between human and cyber threat flow. So that we can quickly understand and figure out the current cyber security trend. That can be a good convenience for people to manage and control current cyber security.