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    15 September 2017, Volume 3 Issue 9
    Meiya Pico,Innovation to Enhance the Core Technology of Cybersecurity
    2017, 3(9):  770-780. 
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    Analysis on Social Media Text Orientation Oriented on Public Opinion
    Yan Zhu
    2017, 3(9):  781-794. 
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    In this paper, we address the problem of text emotional orientation analysis on public opinion for diverse participants and dynamic changeable emotional s in different domain social media. To solve this problem, our research is based on Static Emotional Dictionary (SED), and provides a new scheme for Dynamic Domain Sentiment Dictionary (DDSD) derived from significant differences of mutual information between Pos/Neg emotional categories for each word, as well as its threshold’s experimental evaluation, for different domain social media. Next, according to the principle of likelihood estimate of statistical distribution of Pos/Neg training corpus, we propose a Feature Selection Algorithm with Evolutionary Structural Optimization method (FSA-ESO), which chooses optimal features from part-of-speech, polar words and statistical characteristic of words. By using this algorithm, the optimal combination of features can be experimentally evaluated from the different domain social media. Finally, to validate such a combination of features, the experimental comparisons of different classification algorithms are made over several domain social media, respectively. The experiment’s results indicate that our proposed method is applicable to different domain social media and get better performance for text emotional orientation classification.
    Overview of Big Data Forensics Technology
    2017, 3(9):  795-802. 
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    With the advent of the era of big data, the volume of electronic data is rapidly expanding. At the same time, more key data are placed in the cloud site. The traditional forensics objects are generally independent physical entity, such as computer, mobile phone, mobile storage media and wearable electronic devices. But the big data forensics objects may be the host computer of big data system , big data system itself, virtual host, cloud software, and the cloud Web pages, etc., which bringing great challenge for electronic forensics. Now, the big data forensics is becoming a hot spot in electronic forensics field. The development of big data and the security problems were discussed at first. Then the content of big data forensics object is analyzed in the host layer, system layer and application layer. On the basis of the latest forensics law in China the process of big data forensics is built. And the forensics platform construction based on big data structure is discussed. Finally, the development trend of large data forensics is put forward with author’s view.
    The Strategy and Approaches Research on Network Trusted Identity Management
    2017, 3(9):  803-809. 
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    In the big data age, with the rapid growth of network applications and identity data, cyberspace faces more serious security threats. To construct trusted cyberspace, the strategy and approaches on network trusted identity management are globally researched. This paper illustrates requirements for network trusted identity management, then studies international strategy on network trusted identity, international standards and behavior-based risk control techniques, summarizes the international situation and tendency on identity management research, and finally proposes three considerations on trusted identity management mechanisms, laws and regulations and new techniques.
    Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on Data Mining
    2017, 3(9):  810-816. 
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    With the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, network security has become increasingly important and serious, Bro as the current dynamic intrusion detection platform, can achieve high-speed network real-time detection and alarm, follow the layered principle, high extendibility, provides Bro language and rich analysis functions to define event engines and policy engines. ELK is a collection of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana tools for the analysis and recording of network malicious data, based on data mining for malicious data behavior and pattern analysis, to achieve warning and prevention of new or variant malicious data.
    Detection Method of Android Malware by Using Permission
    2017, 3(9):  817-822. 
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    In order to improve the efficiency of android malware detection, the method based on permission to detect android malware was proposed. To extract the feature of permission by building an automated feature extraction process. To generate datasets by using the information obtained from the feature extraction process. To detect android applications into different types of android applications (Normal, SMS Trojan, Spyware, RootExploit, Botnet) by combining unsupervised machine learning (K-Means clustering) and supervised machine (Random Forest(RF), Classification and Regression Tree(CART) and J48) algorithm. Normal applications have manually been downloaded from official markets and malware have been downloaded from Virustotal and Contagio. The experiment result showed that the proposed method can get a better accuracy about 97% and lower false positive rate about 0.6%. The proposed method can be effective to detect different types of android malware types.
    Research and Implementation of Secure Boot Technology for Server Based on Domestic BMC
    2017, 3(9):  823-831. 
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    基板管理控制器(BMC)和基本输入输出系统(BIOS)是服务器的重要固件,近年来对BMC和BIOS的攻击手段越来越丰富,对服务器的安全造成了严重的威胁。针对服务器中BMC与BIOS固件存在的安全隐患,基于可信计算技术,研究了服务器的安全启动机制,利用自研的国产BMC与国产可信密码模块(TCM),设计了BMC的可信固件。BMC和TCM作为系统的信任根,先于服务器进行上电启动,完成对BMC与BIOS Boot Block的主动度量之后服务器才能加电启动,从而实现了服务器的安全启动控制功能,构建起了完整的信任链,符合我国的可信平台控制模块(TPCM)规范,是TPCM思想的具体实现。结果表明,在服务器启动过程中可以检测BMC及BIOS固件的完整性,及时发现固件是否被恶意篡改,该技术有着广阔的应用前景。
    Research on the Technology Architecture of Enterprise Trust Service Based On Trusted Identity Authentication
    2017, 3(9):  832-840. 
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    With the development of enterprises, the enterprise information system construction develops rapidly, The importance of enterprise information security has become more and more important. In order to deal with the complex network environment, and accessing a variety of service system with external users, independent enterprise security is established respectively, with different complexity of user management system and application login system. These systems vary in safety strength. To solve the problem of corporate identity management, by the way, it takes some problems about the organization of the enterprise confusion, and user information dispersal. Faced with the dilemma of the development of enterprise information, this paper proposes a trusted service management system based on the trusted identity management and authentication framework. Based on the trusted identity of enterprise users, a series of related services such as identity authentication, single sign on, access control, authorization management, authentication service, and so on, are completed. Through a single point of logon enterprise application system, the realization of the enterprise internal users access to business applications, "a certification, the whole network access". And on this basis, the construction of public trust services is completed. As the basis of enterprise information security, the system architecture speeds up the process of enterprise information, helps business development.
    Construct Secure Mobile Office Environment
    2017, 3(9):  841-845. 
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    This paper describes the concept and application mode of mobile office and the basic framework of mobile office. The security problems of mobile office are analyzed from the perspective of information security. The idea and method of constructing safe mobile office environment are put forward. At last, this paper summarizes the content of this paper.
    Discussion on the Cybersecurity Law and Electronic Data from the Change of Laws and Regulations
    2017, 3(9):  846-859. 
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    The formal implementation of the Cybersecurity Law is a major event in the protection of information systems in china. On the one hand, it is from the height of the national strategic security, standardization and management information network, on the other hand, it also constraints on each participant's words and deeds from the micro level, the information network of the full range of three-dimensional norms, this is also the human entered the information society, the Information network from the dedicated system, into the daily work and life of the inevitable development. At the same time, "Cybersecurity law" legislation, but also reflects the pure law from the traditional domestic management level, rise to between the country and the country against the higher level, the fundamental core which is involved in information network management. On this occasion, combing the development process of China's information network of laws and regulations, and the essence of electronic data evidence for qualitative analysis, put forward the "silent scene" insider ", correctly understand and distinguish the behavior of people and machine behavior", "information network system", "material exchange principle" and "interpretation, rather than creating data" and other concepts, to the public, it is particularly important and urgent, and then pointed out that the electronic data forensics industry is a time of the rapid development of the industry.
    On the Limitations of IOT Security Standards
    2017, 3(9):  860-864. 
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