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    15 August 2018, Volume 4 Issue 8
    GoonieBig Data: Building System of Application to Boost National Big Data Strategy
    2018, 4(8):  678-686. 
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    Survey on Mobile Web Operating System Security
    2018, 4(8):  689-697. 
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    With the development of mobile Internet and smart terminals, the terminal operating system has also been continuously updated. In recent years, the Web operating systems which are developed through Web language with unified standard have emerged. Such operating systems provide better cross-platform performance and can be used as an e-government solution for the centralized management as well as cloud storage. However, these operating systems are new development, there are still many security issues that need to be resolved. This article analyzes the architecture, application types, security mechanisms and the respective security of typical open source Web operating systems. Finally, the discussion on future security methods is given.
    An overview of Privacy disclosure based on location of mobile terminal and methods of privacy protection
    2018, 4(8):  698-703. 
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    With the popularity of mobile terminals and the development of location-based services, mobile location technology has been widely applied in mobile Internet. However, it brings security risks such as user privacy leakage when we enjoy the convenience. This paper introduces several important mobile location technologies such as satellite positioning technology, base station location technology and third party services positioning technology and also their characteristics, and analyzes the main problems and related research work of location privacy protection for mobile terminals. We propose several privacy preserving technologies and methods for mobile terminals. Finally, an improved model is proposed according to the location privacy protection method of current location service.
    Research on Mobile Data Management in an Open and Integrated Environment
    2018, 4(8):  704-710. 
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    The paper first introduces the new features of mobile office environment: boundaryless and uncontrollable. Then, several perspectives are proposed to evaluate current mobile security solutions, which include isolation strength, effectiveness of internal security mechanism, control granularity and usability. Current mobile security solutions are classified to 2 categories: BYOD and COPE. In the BYOD scenario, there are 4 types of solutions according to the virtualization technology: application sandbox, multiaccount, container, and virtual machine. In the COPE scenario, it is classified to 2 types by the operating system: general operating system and customized operating system. Finally, these 6 types of solutions are compared systematically. Among these solutions, application sandbox has the lowest isolation strength and the lowest security, but has the highest usability and could be deployed with low cost. COPEwith customized OS has the highest R&D cost,sacrifices some usability, but has the highest security performance.
    Non-Invasive Abnormal Activity Detection Through WiFi Signals
    2018, 4(8):  711-714. 
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    The mobile Internet combines mobile communications with the Internet, dramatically changing peoples working habits, and bringing great convenience to our life. As an important part of the wireless LAN, the wireless link replaces the cable between the computer and the keyboard. Wireless LANs play an important role in the field of security, which can realize the identification, positioning and tracking of personnel and equipment in key locations. The channel response from Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) subcarriers has provided detailed transmission link information, Channel State Information (CSI), which can be used to detect and distinguish small changes in the wireless channel. This paper summarizes the challenges faced by the WiFi context awareness, and proposes an abnormal activity detection method based on the physical layer Channel State Information of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) subcarriers. The experimental results demonstrate that the abnormal activities can be automatically detected under both lineofsight (LOS) and nonlineofsight (NLOS) scenarios.
    Android Malware Detection Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network
    2018, 4(8):  715-721. 
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    With the accelerating popularity of Android smart devices and the continuous development of the Android application market, security threats have begun to appear. How to detect malicious applications on the Android platform has become an important security issue to be solved. The detection of Android malicious applications has gradually become a research hotspot. The paper summarizes the related work and proposes an Android malware detection method based on convolutional neural network. The method uses the Opcode as research object to describe the Android application more comprehensively. Whats more, the method simplifies artificial feature selection and applies convolutional neural network to automatically extract features from large amounts of samples. Experimental results show that the method can effectively detect malicious applications and provide an effective direction for future research.
    The Security Risk of IoT Smart Device and Countermeasures
    2018, 4(8):  722-727. 
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    With the continuous development of the Internet of things technology, the IoT market has been presenting an exponential growth trend , the number of IoT device is increasing rapidly. In the meantime, security incidents in the IoT show an explosive growth and the security environment continues to deteriorate. Many countries have begun to strengthen the security of the Internet of things from strategic, standard, regulatory and other areas of high concern. Nowadays The capability of the Internet of things in information security protection is unevenly distributed, showing the tendency of “platform weight, terminal light”. Due to the large number of IoT smart device ,the limited computing capacity and technical capacity, the IoT smart device has become the weak link of IoT security. This paper analyzes the security threats of IoT device and propose targeted responses.
    The Applications and Security Protection of NB-IoT Mobile Communication Technology
    2018, 4(8):  728-733. 
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    NB-IoT (Narrow-Band Internet of Things) is based on cellular networks and plays an important role in the current development of the Internet of Things. The article first briefly introduces the concept of NB-IoT, and highlights the characteristics of NB-IoT by comparing with other IoT wireless mobile communitcation technologies. Based on the “cloud-pipe-end” structure of the IoT, the “business-cloud-pipe-end” structure of NB-IoT is proposed. Three applications including smart city, public industry, agriculture and environment are taken as examples to analyze the specific application of NB-IoT. And the paper explains the wide range of applications of NB-IoT. According to the structure of NB-IoT, the NB-IoT security protection framework can be divided into four levels: Terminal security, network security, cloud security and business security. Finally, this paper summarizes the problems faced inthe development of NB-IoT technology.
    Network Situation Prediction Model Based on PSO-SVR
    2018, 4(8):  734-738. 
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    Network security has become particularly important in today's high-speed life. Network security situation prediction can predict the trend of the network situation effectively. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of existing regression analysis prediction models and neural network-based prediction models, a new data analysis model was explored. The particle swarm optimization algorithm was applied to the parameter selection process of support vector machine. The prediction model and framework were constructed according to the characteristics of the data sample base, so the prediction performance and accuracy are improved. Compared with the network situation prediction method based on neural network, the experiment shows that the model has better situation prediction performance, higher prediction accuracy and faster forecasting speed. It can help managers to predict the network situation in time and maintain the security and stability of the network.
    Prediction Model of Network Security Situation Based on Extreme Learning Machine
    2018, 4(8):  739-742. 
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    In the study of network security issues, many factors may cause the network to be insecure. The network security situation prediction technology can reflect the network security status as a whole. In order to improve the accuracy of network situation risk prediction, a network security situation prediction model based on extreme learning machine is proposed. Simulate by MATLAB to predict situation values. The simulation results show that using the learning model based on extreme learning machine, the learning speed is fast, the precision is high, and the network security situation can be predicted well.
    Superdense Coding Teleportation Based on ThreeParticle Asymmetric Entangled State
    2018, 4(8):  743-747. 
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    One scheme for controlled superdense coding using threeparticle asymmetric state as quantum channel is investigated, Alice transmit information to Bob by introducing an auxiliary particle d and constructing unitary transformation matrix, where the supervisor (Cliff) can control the average amount of information transmitted from the sender (Alice) to the receiver (Bob) by adjusting the measurement angle, Quantum secure teleportation has been realized. The scheme may be extended to superdense coding for other threequbit asymmetric state with entanglement.
    The Key Issues That Need to Be Solved in ICT Industry
    2018, 4(8):  748-754. 
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    The research intends to analyze the developing status and problems of computer industries from the point of industrial ecology, put forward solutions from the perspectives of technology, products and markets, how to constructs and creates an industrial environment, how companies should united together and where is our center of gravity ? How to treat “wear vest” problem. It is suggested that the hardware & software companies should continue to strengthen its design, research, production and implementation from the overall layout and top-level design, implement stepwise and step-by-step computer industry, and apply and implement the plan from the local specialized market to the mass market, and protect the initial achievements made lay a solid foundation for the sound development of the industry in the future and realize the “World Dream” of the computer industry.
    Summary of the Construction of Network Security Rule of Law and the Comprehensive Development of Network Security and Prosperity
    2018, 4(8):  755-759. 
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    With regard to network security, network management, network supervision according to law and domain prosperity, it is necessary to continuously explore the construction problems that combine reality and forward-lookingness. This paper provides suggestions on the long-term, systematic and comprehensive construction of related fields. 1) To set up a legislative specialized agency for the establishment of a comprehensive committee system in the aspects of network security and network management. 2) To establish specialized agencies responsible for cyber security legal system in the public security system to promote coordination of law enforcement and justice. 3) To improve the construction of the network security industry associations to promote the industry responsibilities and enterprise responsibilities in the network security maintenance and social stability maintenance, and to promote the coordination of network security management and network industry development. 4) To accelerate the improvement of network identity authentication management system in the field of social production and life, and to improve the sense of responsibility and self-discipline in social network security. 5) To build a network security tutorial system in the national education system, and to build a national network security education strategy.
    The Construction of Personal Information Protection in the Precision Marketing of Internet Advertisement
    2018, 4(8):  760-768. 
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    There are two main threats to personal information from precision marketing of Internet advertising, one is the illegal collection of personal information, the other is the second infringement of personal information. The existing protection path is gradually getting into troubles. Therefore, starting with the definition of personal information, the distinguishing criteria regarding personal information and privacy is proposed. The types of personal information are subdivided to apply different protection modes. And the establishment of “risk assessment mechanism” is proposed. The existing “informingconsent” model is improved by adding personalized protocols, and the mechanism of “user has its own responsibility” is advocated. On the basis of the classification of personal information, the corresponding information subject is given the “information selfdetermination right”, so that personal information protection can really run through the whole process of information collection and use. From the perspective of the enterprise itself, the establishment of industry alliances is put forward, and the thirdparty supervision is introduced to construct the new path of personal information protection in the precision marketing of Internet advertising.
    Big Data Application Opportunities, Shared Open, Security Challenges
    2018, 4(8):  769-772. 
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