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    15 June 2019, Volume 5 Issue 6
    Face up to the Pressure and Abandon the Illusion, Accelerate the Alternative Program of Independent and Controllable Nationalization
    2019, 5(6):  458-461. 
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    Based on Practice, Dedicate to Self-Innovation
    2019, 5(6):  462-463. 
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    New Trends in the Great Power Strategy 2019 in Cyberspace Security
    2019, 5(6):  464-469. 
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    Android Malware Detection Algorithm Based on CNN and Naive Bayesian Method
    2019, 5(6):  470-476. 
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    Android has become the leading operating system in the mobile market. However, the flooding of malicious applications on the Android market is very serious. These malicious applications will bring users great threats. How to detect whether an Android application is a malicious application in advance has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this paper, our scheme improves the original algorithm and proposes a method, which uses both the opcode sequence and the permission information as the characteristics of application and classifies them by convolution neural network (CNN) and naive Bayesian method respectively. This method can detect in advance whether the Android application is a malicious application. The results show that our method works slightly better.
    A Study on Data Driven Cybersecurity Risk Incident Prediction Method
    2019, 5(6):  477-487. 
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    The frequent occurrence of large-scale cybersecurity risk incidents alarms the current researchers, both industry and academia have witnessed a shift in understanding and defending against the evolving cyber threats, from primarily reactive detection towards proactive prediction. Undoubtedly, the proactive prediction method based on the historical datafeature is deemed to have excellent potential for improving cyber resilience. The research institute have begun proposing cybersecurity incident prediction schemes for mining the correlation between cybersecurity incidents and multi-dimensional network features, and have predicted the potential cybersecurity risk incidents by using the machine leaning algorithms, deep learning algorithms, and so on. This paper introduces the background, definition and key technology of the cybersecurity risk incident prediction. In addition, the problems of imbalance datasets is considered a barrier for predicting the cybersecurity risk incidents by datadriven, and the methods of solving the problems has been discussed.
    Study on People Flow Situation Awareness Based on Intelligent Video Analysis
    2019, 5(6):  488-494. 
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    Stampede incidents were on the rise in recent years which have led to a gradual increase in demand for flow statistics and forecasts. However, the current people flow counting methods often use traditional mechanical or manual statistical methods to do the job, which not only have low efficiency, interfere with pedestrian walking and flow speed, but also cannot meet realtime requirements. The method proposed in this paper adopts deep learningbased object detection and object tracking algorithm, which can calculate people flow speed in real time. It could also generate people flow heat map for realtime monitoring through calibration and coordinate transformation. From the camera data collection to the final people flow prediction and early warning, the whole process forms a complete situation awareness system which has stable functions and meets realtime requirements.
    Research on DGA Accurate Recognition Technology Based on MLP Deep Learning Algorithm
    2019, 5(6):  495-499. 
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    The traditional DGA attack detection method can not meet the recognition of the everchanging DGA domain name, and the detection accuracy is low. This paper mainly studies an accurate DGA recognition technology based on MLP deep learning algorithm. Through the existing DGA sample dataset, multiple feature vector information is extracted. After normalization and dimensional reduction processing, the feature vector is inputted into the MLP, the MLP mainly consists of an input layer, a hidden layer and an input layer. The model file can be generated after training to determine whether the domain name to be detected is a DGA domain name, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the DGA detection and recognition.
    A Dual Private Key Security Factor Identity Scheme Based on USB Key
    2019, 5(6):  500-506. 
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    Aiming at the problem of user identity security authentication faced by existing information system, we proposed a dual private key security factor authentication scheme based on USB Key. The scheme is based on the domestic cryptographic algorithm SM2 and SM3. Firstly, the paper adopted “user password+digital signature” double authentication method, and user password participates in the entire signature process. Secondly, the paper introduced the concept of security factor to improve the authentication efficiency under attack. Finally, the paper improved original signature process and realized the mutual authentication between the client and the server. Through experiments, we verified the correctness and security of the scheme, and also showed that the scheme can satisfy the security requirements of identity authentication of information systems and has certain practical application value.
    Study on Evaluation Indicator System of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Level
    2019, 5(6):  507-513. 
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    The safe and stable operation of critical information infrastructure (CII) is crucial to the national security, economic prosperity and peoples wellbeing. In order to effectively measure the protection level of Chinas CII and provide objective measurement standards or work guidelines for the protection departments and operators of CII, it is necessary to design a set of evaluation indicator system for the level of critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP). In accordance with relevant policies, laws and regulations in China, we summarize 12 major requirements of CII, and propose a fourlevel evaluation indicator system for CIIP based on the effectiveness of safety measures and the ability to control risks. Pilot results in the key fields show that this evaluation indicator system is operable and applicable, which can reflect the current situation of CIIP in China and provide references for the CIIP.
    Security Enhancement Scheme of Hadoop KMS Based on SGX
    2019, 5(6):  514-520. 
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    Currently, the master key of the Hadoop Key Management Service (KMS) based on the software is stored in the system in plain text in the form of a configuration file, which poses a serious security risk. The Intel SGX-based Hadoop KMS master key protection scheme sets the master key to the KMS by establishing a secure communication channel by SGX remote authentication, then stores the master key in the KMS server locally, and transfers the master key usage process to the SGX security zone to ensure the use of the master key is protected by the SGX hardware. Through testing and security assessment, the proposed solution solves the problem of trusted deployment and use of KMS master key. The performance loss caused by security enhancement in key creation test is 10.08%.
    Research on Data Security of Electronic Official Document System of Party and Government Institutions Based on Cryptography
    2019, 5(6):  521-527. 
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    The electronic official document system of the party and government institutions is an important application system for processing, transferring and storing electronic files of government offices in China, and data security is the basic content for realizing its security and reliability. This paper analyzes the main security risks in the three key data interaction processes of the electronic document system, and proposes a typical security guarantee mechanism based on cryptography. Especially for the difficulty of antileakage in the data management process, this paper innovatively puts forward the data security encryption idea of “internal risk more important than external risk”, focus on the risk of internal management personnel, and combines authorization and encryption mechanism to achieve “one document and one secret”. Finally, taking the application scenario of the electronic document transmission system as an example, the mechanism and effect of the scheme to protect the data security of electronic records are expounded.
    Implementation of Multi-Terminal Security Intelligent Housekeeper Control System Based on Consensus Mechanism
    2019, 5(6):  528-533. 
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    Intelligent household is essential in people'lives, but because of the hacking of many products on the market today, the security of intelligent household is threatened. Multiterminal controlled secure intelligent butler system not only uses the proprietary protocol to combat wireless network intrusion and system vulnerability mining procedures to achieve multi-terminal data exchange security encryption transmission, at the same time, we establish a consensus environment, and use the consensus mechanism to record and verify the security state of access devices, and can accurately control terminal for safety certification, ensure the safety of the smart home system in the family. This system reduces the cost of establishing a security architecture and the requirements for computing power, and can better respond to the frequent occurrence of smart home security incidents.
    Research and Practice of Information Security Management System in Open Electronic Payment Network Environment
    2019, 5(6):  534-541. 
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    At present, with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, payment network, as an important part of financial informationization, is developing towards more open and diversified, and becoming increasingly dependent on information technology. Safeguarding network security and preventing systemic financial risks have become an urgent need for national requirements and payment networks. Firstly, this paper introduces the status and challenges of information security management in an open electronic payment network environment,then, we analyze the relevant standards of information security management. Finally, we focus on the information security in the open payment network environment from the practice of the authors enterprise, in order to explore innovations and breakthroughs in information security management systems.
    Analysis on Rule Setting of Tallinn Handbook 2.0 Edition
    2019, 5(6):  542-547. 
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    The popularity of Internet applications is exploding. The expansion of cyberspace has a great impact on social relations at all levels, as well as international relations. In the complex and changeable situation, the study of the rules of cyberspace should be paid more attention, not just the development of network technology. At the same time, it should also include the exploration of the revision of the old rule system and the establishment of the new rule system. This paper analyzes the setting of applicable rules for the national right of self-defence under cyberspace. And when facing the interaction between the real space and cyberspace, hold the right of discourse and adhere to the independent position of China and the international vision of inclusive development.
    Analysis of Legal Nature of Obtaining Data from Others by Using Web Crawler Technology
    2019, 5(6):  548-552. 
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    In the Internet era, whoever has mastered the data will have mastered the core competitiveness. “No competition, no market.” Legal and orderly competition can promote the healthy and rapid development of market economy, and vice versa become a stumbling block for the development of market economy. Reptilian technology is originally designed to help people capture specific data and improve data analysis ability, but if used improperly, such as stealing other people's data, it may be suspected of civil infringement, administrative violations, or even criminal offence.