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    05 March 2021, Volume 7 Issue 3
    2020 Cyber Security Situation Posture Report
    2021, 7(3):  198-206. 
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    Internet Public Opinion Event Detection Based on the Joint Model
    2021, 7(3):  207-214. 
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    At present, the Internet has become an important place for public opinion, and major events of Internet public opinion have an increasingly serious impact on the stability of Internet public opinion. In order to detect major events of public opinion, a joint model detection method based on deep learning and the expert knowledge pattern base of the Internet public opinion events is proposed. Firstly, deep learning can identify the characteristics of deep hidden events and obtain the candidate event set of public opinion in the news text. Secondly, based on the news text keyword set extracted automatically, the expert mode intervention is adopted to establish the expert knowledge pattern base of public opinion events. Finally, on the basis of the event discovery of deep learning, the expert knowledge pattern base of Internet public opinion events is combined to match the pattern to identify major public opinion events, obtain the type and subtype of the event, and reduce the missed judgment and misjudgment of major public opinion events. At the same time, the event discovery and classification results of deep learning are integrated into the expert knowledge pattern base of Internet public opinion events through expert mode in-tervention as real-time feedback, which dynamically modifies and expands the major event pattern of public opinion and improves the ability to identify the new type of Internet public opinion events. The comparative experiments show that the joint model is superior to the single model and has a better ability to identify major events of Internet public opinion.
    Research on International Disclosure Policy of Security Vulnerabilities
    2021, 7(3):  215-224. 
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    With the increasing complexity of information systems and computer networks, the number of security vulnerabilities has grown rapidly. Active disclosure of security vulnerabilities can effectively reduce the cost of security vulnerabilities information collection, help relevant organizations to be aware of security threats in a timely manner, and at the same time solve the problem of information islands through mutual exchanges and cooperation between organizations and even countries, and improve the ability to respond to security threats. At present, the disclosure of security vulnerabilities has become an important means to mitigate potential security threats, reduce risk exposure, and help organizations actively repair security vulnerabilities. First, it introduces the concept and mainstream norms of cybersecurity vulnerability disclosure policies. Second, it investigates and compares the current international security vulnerability disclosure policies of various countries, and then focuses on the analysis of the US Vulnerabilities Equities Policy. Analyzed the relationship between various organizations involved in the disclosure of security vulnerabilities, summarized the current implementation status and challenges of the security vulnerability disclosure policy, and finally put forward some suggestions for establishing a standardized security vulnerability disclosure policy in my country.
    Research on Intrusion Detection Model based on Multiple Feature Selection Strategies
    2021, 7(3):  225-232. 
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    Intrusion detection is an effective method to prevent host and network attacks. The use of intrusion detection systems makes up for the shortcomings of traditional firewall technology, signature authentication technology, and access control technology in terms of security protection. However, the mutual redundancy between the features of intrusion detection data samples interferes with the accuracy and efficiency of attack detection. The feature selection method can effectively reduce the dimension of data features and eliminate redundant features, select the optimal sub-features and improve the accuracy of network traffic anomaly detection. Based on this, this article first uses the K-means algorithm to extract typical data from the real traffic data set UNSW-NB15, generates a data set with typical data characteristics as the feature extraction data set, and then uses 9 different strategies for intrusion on the data set. The detection model has conducted network intrusion detection experiments. The experimental results show that the method can effectively detect and classify, and the accuracy of two classifications of normal traffic and malicious traffic is 88.27%, which is higher than other machine learning algorithms. In addition, the detection rate of attack types with less sample data is improved in the study of multi-category classification. The effectiveness of the method is verified and it is easy to use.
    A Transaction Representation Model in Blockchain
    2021, 7(3):  233-241. 
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    This paper proposes a transaction representation model in blockchain to improve transaction processing speed and scalability. This article first builds a formal blockchain state machine and extracts transaction events from it. Secondly, from the perspective of time, the partial order of transaction events is studied to delineate the sequence of transaction events. In terms of interactivity, the transaction events are classified in detail, the partial order is used to connect the transaction events, and the information of the transaction event interaction is taken into account during the connection process. Finally, the relationship between transaction events was assigned to the account. The transaction representation model proposed in this paper can maintain a globally ordered nonlinear ledger as well as a partially ordered nonlinear ledger, and improve the speed of parallel transaction processing and transaction establishment.
    Research on Name Entity Recognition of Security Events Based on BERT
    2021, 7(3):  242-249. 
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    To achieve the task of named entity recognition in public safety event, we present a model which combines BERT pre-training model and neural network. The Chinese emergency corpus (CEC) was used as the experimental data set, and the entities of data set were marked using the BIO sequence labeling method. Use the BERT (bidirectional encoder representations from transformers) pre-training model to obtain the word vectors (word embedding) of a single Chinese character, use the fusion model of BiLSTM (bidirectional long short-term memory network) and CRF (conditional random field) to extract features to identify public safety events that conclude time, place, participant and behavior of participant. CRF, BiLSTM, BiLSTM-CRF,BERT-BiLSTM-CRF were used for comparative experiments. The experimental results show that the method used in this paper has an accuracy rate of more than 90%, a recall rate and F1 score of more than 85%, which proves that the model solves the problem of polysemy and can effectively obtain important entity information in public safety incidents.
    the limitation of rasp technology in the protection of critical information infrastructure
    2021, 7(3):  250-256. 
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    RSAP technology injects the protection module itself into the application, integrates with the application, has the ability of real-time monitoring and blocking attacks, and becomes one of the protection means of key information infrastructure. By analyzing the detection principle of rasp technology and combining with the analysis of examples, this paper lists the defects of rasp technology, and summarizes the solutions to make up for the limitations of rasp technology combined with the advantages of rasp technology close to the attack foothold and trusted detection based on white list, which has strong detection ability and can prevent unknown threats It can provide more comprehensive protection for the key information infrastructure, and is the technical realization of the Ministry of public security's "three modernizations and six Preventions" protection idea.
    Research on Evaluation System of Digital Government Network Security Index
    2021, 7(3):  257-262. 
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    With the accelerating process of digital government construction, digital government network security is facing increasingly severe risks and challenges. This paper proposes a digital government network security assurance framework system by studying the existing network security-related assurance framework and capability evaluation models, and proposes the country's first systematic and executable provincial digital government network security index evaluation system. The current situation of digital government network security is objectively evaluated from four aspects of security management, security construction, security operation and security effect. Index evaluation work is of great significance to promote the iterative construction of network security defense system and continuously improve the level of digital government network security protection.
    Research on the Application of Commercial Cryptography for Satellite Internet
    2021, 7(3):  263-267. 
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    Satellite Internet is a new key infrastructure, and cryptography technology is the cornerstone to ensure the reliable operation of satellite Internet. The security risks of satellite Internet are introduced in this paper, and gives typical application scenarios of commercial cryptography for satellite Internet, including autonomous driving, aviation interconnection, financial industry and emergency communications. Finally, The paper puts forward some reasonable suggestions on commercial cryptography of satellite Internet in eight aspects: establishment of standards for commercial cryptography, research on the integration of commercial cryptography and crossing technologies in satellite internet, research on network security of commercial cryptography, research on commercial cryptography based on software radio technology, construction of verification environment for commercial cryptography products of satellite internet, supervision of internet security in offshore satellite.
    The 5G Technology's Reform Orientation to Related Criminal Laws from the Perspective of Risk Society
    2021, 7(3):  268-274. 
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    The fifth-generation radio communication technology was put into commercial use in 2019, indicating that the fifth-generation radio communication technology has matured. Looking back at the development of radio communication technology in the past, it has not only brought infinite benefits to society, but also brought many crime problems to society. From the perspective of the risk society, the historical changes of the 288 articles of the criminal law conform to the characteristics of the criminal law in the risk society. At this time, the fifth-generation radio communication technology is in its infancy. Based on its technical characteristics, the security risks it brings to society also have its own characteristics. Compared with the fourth-generation radio communication technology, the fifth-generation radio communication technology focuses on the integration of industries, making the connections in the society closer, thereby exacerbating personal safety risks and public safety risks. Since Article 288 of the Criminal Law is located in Chapter VI of the Criminal Law, it has been misplaced with the security risks caused by 5G, so Article 288 of the Criminal Law will inevitably be further revised. From the perspective of a risky society, Article 288 of the Criminal Law should pay more attention to the protection of public safety. Therefore, the behavior regulated by Article 288 of the Criminal Law is very likely to be transferred to Chapter II of the Criminal Law for the crime of endangering the public. In addition, out of consideration of the suitability of crimes, responsibilities and punishments, Article 288 of the Criminal Law should be further refined, and the provision that the circumstances can be fined solely for fines should be eliminated.
    The Application of VM’network Interface Card Substantialization in Security Protection of Private Clouds
    2021, 7(3):  275-280. 
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    Cloud platform has been widely used because of its fast application release, convenient management, and efficient use of hardware resources. The widespread use of private clouds raises two problems: 1)Access control between virtual hosts in the cloud. 2)the security resources utilization in the original entity network. To solve the above two problems, according to the characteristics that the services provided by the virtual host are completed through the network,assign a separate vlan to the network interface card(NIC) of the virtual machine, so the virtual machine is isolated from each other in the cloud platform.The physical machine and physical switch are connected by trunk, other ports of physical switch are configured to access mode,bind the same vlan as the NIC of a specific virtual machine, Make the NIC (NIC Group) of VM and the port of physical switch correspond one by one through vlan, and substantialize the NIC (NIC Group) of VM. When the VM’s NIC is substantialized, the data exchange between VMs can only be carried out through the physical switch, so the access control can be done in physical network,And the protection scheme in the physical network can be extended, the network security resources can be fully utilized, and the cost can be saved while the security is improved.
    Research on Android Application Privacy Security
    2021, 7(3):  287-292. 
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    With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone has become the longest used intelligent device in our daily life. Basically, our life is inseparable from mobile phone. Thousands of mobile applications on mobile phones provide users with a full range of social, shopping, games, work and entertainment enriching our lives, but also increasing the risk of privacy leakage. Is it reasonable for a mobile application to use and collect certain privacy information of users? For this problem, in recent years, many researchers have studied the security of user privacy rights of mobile applications. This paper first describes the privacy security mechanism and existing problems of Android mobile applications, and then summarizes and sorts out the solutions to the privacy security problems of Android mobile applications. Then introduces the main research methods and technical means of various solutions in detail. Finally, we prospect the future research direction of privacy security of Android mobile applications.