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    06 November 2022, Volume 8 Issue 11
    Key Points and Practice of Compliance Assessment for Government Data Security
    2022, 8(11):  1050. 
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    With the development of digital government, the security of government data has become a crucial task. The state attaches great importance to the security risk prevention of government data, and has issued a series of laws, regulations and policy documents, which put forward clear requirements for strengthening the security management of government data. Based on the requirements of government data security compliance, this article proposes the evaluation method and index system of compliance assessment for government data security, which will provide reference for the manager of government data to carry out government data security compliance assessment.
    Financial Information System Risk Assessment Based on Artificial Neural Network
    2022, 8(11):  1055. 
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    With the rapid development of financial informatization, the risk management of financial information system is becoming more and more important. The core of risk management is risk assessment, which requires scientific assessment of information system risks of financial institutions. This paper analyzes the results of BP artificial neural network by using the artificial neural network algorithm under the condition of big data, and uses the information systems developed by 60 financial institutions at the end of 2021 as samples for experimental verification. The experimental results show that the artificial neural network has high correlation and low relative error, and the numerical fitting effect is good. The risk assessment model of financial information system based on artificial neural network is feasible, which provides a powerful demonstration for the application of big data and artificial neural network in financial information system.
    Organizational Capacity Building of Government Data Security
    2022, 8(11):  1061. 
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    As the country pays more and more attention to data security, government data, as the core assets of the digital government in the new era, will involve not only personal information data of citizens, but also important data such as government agencies. Therefore, the security protection and protection capabilities of government data cannot be ignored. At present, domestic protection mechanisms and research on government data security are relatively lacking. This paper analyzes the risks brought by laws, regulations and policies, complex business scenarios and new technologies to government data. Combining the three security levels of security management, security technology and security operation of government data. This paper proposes a government data security organization capability framework that meets the security requirements of government data, providing ideas for the subsequent research on government data security assurance system.
    Data Security Governance Practices
    2022, 8(11):  1069. 
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    Data security governance has been written into the Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, data security governance is also one of the key points in the construction of systematic network security. This paper analyzes the data security governance concepts of Gantner and Microsoft, combines enterprise architecture, stakeholder theory, data flow security assessment, maturity security assessment and other methodologies, forms a set of data security governance concepts, and designs a data security management and operation platform for dynamic supervision and data security operation of data security governance indicators. Since 2018, this methodology and platform have been put into practice in the project to solve the construction and optimization of users’ data management and defense system.
    Relationship Analysis of Cloud Platform Data Protection and  Content Review Obligation
    2022, 8(11):  1079. 
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    According to the relevant provisions of cloud security management in China, in the cloud environment, cloud service providers cannot access the data uploaded by customers without authorization. However, according to the requirements of the Cybersecurity Law, network operators should strengthen the management of information posted by users on the platform. How to view the boundary of cloud platform data protection and how to balance the relationship between cloud platform data protection and content review obligation have become hot issues of current concern. Starting from the relevant provisions of cloud security management and Article 47 of the Cybersecurity Law, this paper deeply analyzes the relationship between cloud platform data protection and content review obligation, and puts forward suggestions for cloud platform to correctly perform data protection obligations.

    Study on the Influence and Compliance of Personal Information Protection  Law on Postal Industry
    2022, 8(11):  1085. 
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    This article focuses on the impact of the promulgation of the Personal Information Protection Law on the data security management and puts forward relevant suggestions of the postal industry. Firstly, we introduce the legal system structure of personal information protection, the operation process and data characteristics in China. Secondly, the Personal Information Protection Law is compared with the legal documents of personal information protection in the postal industry, and the information security problems faced by the postal industry are analyzed in combination with the cases of personal information disclosure in the postal industry. Finally, the measures for the security protection of personal information of postal administration are proposed.
    Research and Thinking on the Technical Framework of Data Security  in the Field of Transportation
    2022, 8(11):  1092. 
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    In recent years, in the continuous advancement of the construction of “digital government”, the “data gap” and “data island” between government departments have been gradually broken. As the core resource of digital government, data is an important driving force for national development,and also the most valuable core asset. With the largescale aggregation, integration and sharing of various data resources, a series of data securityrelated problems have emerged. For example, due to the high concentration of data, data is more likely to become the target of attacks, and a large number of illegal operations by internal personnel lead to data tampering and greatly increase. In order to solve the problem of data security in the field of transportation, this paper makes an indepth analysis of the main challenges of data security in the field of transportation technology and transportation, and proposes to create an “overall technical architecture of data security management and control”, and focuses on thinking and discussing the full life cycle security of data and data security operation    in the field of transportation. Data security management is not within the scope of this paper.
    Research on Network Security Construction of Environmental  Protection Supervision in the Era of Big Data
    2022, 8(11):  1099. 
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    With the national attention to environmental protection, ecological and environmental supervision has become one of the key areas of high quality economic and social development in China. The big data of ecological environment plays a huge role in improving supervision efficiency, ensuring monitoring accuracy and assisting governance decisions. However, there are also data security problems such as loss and destruction of important data of ecological environment. Therefore, this paper will use the international network security standard system and data security related specifications for reference, according to the ecological environmental regulatory safety requirements, and with the hierarchical protection system model as a reference, to establish a security system suitable for China's ecological environment monitoring, and also provide the necessary reference and guidance for the construction of the ecological environment big data protection system.
    Intelligent Logistics Information Dynamic Encryption Method  Based on Big Data Technology
    2022, 8(11):  1104. 
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    In order to improve the sensitivity of information encryption key and encryption acceleration ratio, this paper proposes a dynamic encryption method of intelligent logistics information based on big data technology. The method constructs intelligent logistics information system based on hierarchical planning concept, uses Logistics hyperchaotic sequence to reorganize the big data structure, uses arithmetic cryptosystem to recode the Logistics sequence data and dynamically mixes and encrypts the ciphertext and plaintext sequence. The method extracts the attribute quantity of association rules of big data after structural reorganization, uses Rossle to realize the chaotic mapping and grouping encryption optimization of big data, applies the MapReduce parallel programming model in Hadoop big data platform to rearrange and encrypt the data sequence, and stores the encrypted data to HDFS. The experimental results show that the method has high key sensitivity of encrypted information and the average encryption acceleration ratio is 5.5s. It is suitable for encrypting massive data with large file memory.
    Research on Access Control Mechanism of Operating System
    2022, 8(11):  1111. 
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    As one of the most important security mechanisms of operating systems, access control is widely used in mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Linux, and gradually plays an important role in the security of emerging smart terminal operating systems such as Android and Harmony. Existing access control researches mostly focus on blockchain, distributed and other specific technologies or access control methods such as attributes and roles, but lack of a systematic and comprehensive summary of operating system access control as the cornerstone of security. On the basis of introducing the basic concepts of access control and policy classification, this paper systematically summarized the access control mechanism of the current mainstream operating system, and finally discussed the future development trend of access control mechanism.
    Research on Remote Attestation Scheme Based on Group Authentication
    2022, 8(11):  1121. 
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    Remote attestation is a security technology to identify threats in the Internet of things. It has the advantages of low overhead, high applicability and high detection rate. However, the existing technology has some potential problems after being actually deployed to the Internet of things system. First of all, the nodes in the perception layer of the Internet of things system do not have strong computing power, so it is impossible to carry out effective remote attestation for the terminal server. Secondly, the remote attestation scheme is usually uninterruptible, and the existing scheme will interrupt the main work of the equipment, resulting in the loss of key data of the equipment. To solve the above problems, a remote attestation scheme based on group authentication is proposed. In this scheme, the burden of measurement work of terminal server is allocated to each sink node, and the sink node is used to evaluate the credibility of each part of the content separately. Finally, all measurement results are unified through the consistency protocol to complete the credibility evaluation for terminal server and solve the problem of limited computing power of nodes. At the same time, this paper adopts an active selfmeasurement scheme to solve the loss of key data caused by the traditional passive remote attestation technology. Through security analysis and simulation experiments, it is proved that the scheme proposed in this paper is feasible in the existing environment, solves the above problems and greatly improves the performance.
    Study on DDoS Attack Detection Based on Biological Immune Principle
    2022, 8(11):  1129. 
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    With the continuous development of social informatization construction, Internet has become the basic platform for many industries, DDoS attacks have been a serious threat to network security. For the serious threat, a detection method is proposed to study the DDoS attacks using the biological immune principle. In this method, information entropy, service rate and the rate of change parameters are used to establish the DDoS feature library. On the basis of the library, DDoS detection algorithm is proposed to achieve the recognition and filteration of DDoS attacks. Experimental results show that the method is feasible and efficient, provides an important evidence for DDoS attack prevention and detection.
    Research and Trend Analysis on the Global Development and  Competition State of 6G
    2022, 8(11):  1135. 
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    Based on their existing technological advantages, Western countries have taken the lead in the 6G field in an attempt to continue to maintain their technological superiority in the future communication field. To maintain technological hegemony, the U.S. aims to improve its international leadership in the future 6G field, and for the strategic consideration of “technological sovereignty”, the EU has been trying to get ahead of the game, while Japan, South Korea, the Five Eyes countries and other U.S. allies are following the pace of Europe and the U.S. to advance their 6G development. This will intensify the global 6G “technology race” and therefore increase the digital divide. At the same time, after the Biden administration takes office, the U.S. will continue its containment strategy based on realist foreign policy, that is 6G geopolitical pattern encircling China, and the competition for the rulemaking power in future will be “whitehot”. In order to cope with the future competition of 6G, China should accelerate the pace of the overall 6G strategy, continue to strengthen the international industrial layout and actively participate in the development of international 6G standards to promote the future development of 6G.
    Research on Establishing Sinopec Network Security Risk Management  and Disposal Mechanism
    2022, 8(11):  1141. 
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    Network security in the new era is no longer a oneman fight, especially for a certain type of industry such as energy, chemical, electric power and other industries have gradually become important targets of foreign hacker organizations. Therefore, in terms of future defense capability building, we need to unite together to achieve threat intelligence sharing within the industry. However, as a central enterprise, we must first do our own joint defense and control, and realize intelligence sharing, threat linkage and emergency response within Sinopec at first. Sinopec conscientiously implements the work deployment requirements of national risk prevention and mitigation, strengthens the construction of internal network security management and control system, strictly controls the integration of information system design and construction phase with internal control, and continuously strengthens the rigid constraints of informatization. Network security management and network security protection technology are equally important. With management as the guide and technology as the support, we will jointly weave Sinopec’s network security protection network, effectively implement network security work, form an endogenous cohesion of network security, and build Sinopec’s “5+2” cybersecurity risk control and handling mechanism,  promote the coordinated development of overall network security and informatization work.