Journal of Information Security Research ›› 2016, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (4): 299-306.

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Overview of Electronic Data Forensics Technology


  • Received:2016-04-14 Online:2016-04-15 Published:2016-04-14



  1. 武汉大学计算机学院
  • 通讯作者: 郝万里
  • 作者简介:硕士研究生,主要研究方向为电子数据取证、信息安全.

Abstract: Electronic data forensics is a comprehensive subject, involving the related knowledge of computer science, law, criminal investigation, and other fields. Based on the practice of electronic data forensics, the paper briefly describes the general process of electronic data forensics, and proposes the technical system model. Emphatically, this paper sorts out the common techniques and technical standards of electronic data forensics, then describes the development tendency of electronic data forensics.

Key words: electronic data, forensics technology, standard

摘要: 电子数据取证是一门综合学科,涉及到计算机科学、法学、侦查学等领域的相关知识.从电子数据取证实践出发,简要介绍了电子数据取证的一般流程和电子数据取证技术体系模型,重点总结、梳理了电子数据取证的常用技术和技术规范,并阐述了电子数据取证技术发展趋势.

关键词: 电子数据, 取证技术, 规范