Journal of Information Security Research ›› 2019, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (4): 327-332.

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Research on Distribution Monitoring of Infected Hosts Based on DNS


  • Received:2019-04-08 Online:2019-04-15 Published:2019-04-08
  • About author:王辉 高级工程师,主要研究方向为网络攻击追踪溯源、物联网安全. 郭延文 博士,教授,主要研究方向为计算机图形学和虚拟现实、图像视频处理和计算机视觉以及人工智能. 王世晋 工程师,主要研究方向为信息安全、威胁情报、安全分析等. 牛博威 研究生,研究员.主要研究方向为反网络病毒、网络安全态势感知.



  1. 1. 杭州安恒信息技术股份有限公司
    2. 南京大学
    3. 江苏省公安厅
  • 通讯作者: 王辉

Abstract: Based on the principle of DNS technology, this paper deploys a DNS node monitoring system to monitor and analyze the DNS response data of each node to analyze the target domain name of the control terminal, tries to detect and model the data several times, and finally obtains the distribution of the infected hosts and the types of Trojan virus. And through the optimized node management scheduling scheme, without the help of thirdparty means to grasp the outbreak of a virus, which can play an important role in the prevention and traceability of virus attack, and further form a worldwide monitoring situation of the virus infection risk.

Key words: Botnet, remote control Trojan, threat intelligence, infected host, malicious domain name

摘要: 基于DNS的技术原理,通过各节点部署DNS节点监测系统,监测并分析各节点解析控制端目标域名的DNS的响应数据,多次尝试探测并对数据进行建模分析,最终获取感染主机的地区分布情况和感染木马类型.并通过优化的节点管理调度方案,在不借助第三方手段情况下掌握某种病毒的爆发情况,对病毒发作的预防和溯源都有很好的作用,进一步形成全球范围的病毒感染风险监测态势.

关键词: 僵尸网络, 远控木马, 威胁情报, 感染主机, 恶意域名