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Overview of Data Security Governance at Home and Abroad


  • Online:2021-10-09 Published:2021-10-09


邵晶晶   韩晓峰   

  1. (国防大学国际防务学院  北京  100091)
  • 通讯作者: 邵晶晶
  • 作者简介:邵晶晶 博士研究生,讲师. 主要研究方向为国家安全、国际安全、网络安全、数据安全. 韩晓峰 硕士,副教授.主要研究方向为数据安全、网络安全、国家安全战略. 国家社会科学基金项目(20@ZH014)

Abstract: With the rapid development of digital economy, privacy infringement, data leakage, platform monopoly, misinformation and other issues emerge one after another, increasingly becoming an important issue that threatens individual rights, industrial development and national security. This article, on the national policy and law level, sorts out four categories of data governance, that is, personal data protection, cross-border data flow regulation, data market governance, and data content management. Countries and regions like United States, European Union and China are the centers of global digital economy. This article summarizes their practices and experience in above-mentioned four categories, and on this basis, puts forward some suggestions on strengthening China's data security governance system and capacity building, that is, further improving the legal system to compete for the leadership of the digital economy, deeply participating in global data governance to enhance the international voice of rule-making, and strengthening support and oversight of new technologies and applications to seize new heights in digital economy governance.

Key words: data security governance, personal data protection, cross-border data flow regulation, data market governance, data content management

摘要: 随着数字经济的蓬勃发展,隐私侵权、数据泄露、平台垄断、虚假信息等问题层出不穷,日益成为威胁个人权利、行业发展和国家安全的重要问题.从国家政策法律层面入手,将数据安全治理分解为个人数据保护、数据跨境流动监管、数据市场治理、数据内容管理5个领域,梳理分析美国、欧盟、中国等数字经济较为发达的国家和地区,在数据安全国家战略规划、立法、执法等方面的经验做法,形成国内外数据安全治理现状综述,并在此基础上,提出有关加强我国数据安全治理体系和能力建设的建议,即进一步完善法律体系,争夺数字经济领导权;深度参与全球数据治理,提升规则制定国际话语权;加强对新技术新应用的扶持监管,抢占数字经济治理新高地.

关键词: 数据安全治理, 个人信息保护, 数据跨境流动监管, 数据市场治理, 数据内容管理 ,