Journal of Information Security Reserach ›› 2022, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (7): 694-.

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Research on Memorycorruption Vulnerability Defense Methods  Based on Memory Protection Technology


  • Online:2022-07-04 Published:2022-07-04


姚纪卫, 杨芳.   

  1. (安芯网盾(北京)科技有限公司北京100085)
  • 通讯作者: 姚纪卫 CTO.主要研究方向为内核安全、内存安全、信息安全.
  • 作者简介:姚纪卫 CTO.主要研究方向为内核安全、内存安全、信息安全. 杨芳 硕士.主要研究方向为信息安全、应急管理、内存安全.

Abstract: Since its outbreak of COVID19 in the world, the process of digital transformation has been further accelerated in all sectors around the world. With the increasing value of information assets, information security problems follow. Vulnerability attacks are the root cause of frequent security incidents in recent years. Vulnerability defense ability directly affects the security of the system. How to prevent vulnerability exploitation without patches has become an urgent need. Vulnerability exploitation defense has also become an important research content in the field of attack and defense confrontation of information security. This paper studies the binary memorycorruption vulnerability defense methods and puts forward a new method to deal with the increasing vulnerability attacks.Key words memory protection technology; memorycorruption vulnerability; network security; behavior monitoring; vulnerability defense; endpoint security

Key words: memory protection technology, memorycorruption vulnerability, network security, behavior monitoring, vulnerability defense, endpoint security

摘要: 新冠疫情在全球的爆发,进一步加速了全球各行业数字化转型的进程.信息化资产价值越来越高,信息安全问题随之而来.漏洞攻击是近年来安全事件频发的根源,漏洞防护能力直接影响了系统的安全,如何在没有补丁的情况下防止漏洞利用成为迫切需求.漏洞利用攻击防护也成为信息安全攻防对抗领域的一个重要研究内容,对二进制漏洞防护方法进行研究,提出了一种新的方法来应对日益增长的漏洞攻击.关键词内存保护技术;内存破坏型漏洞;网络安全;行为监控;漏洞攻击防护;端点安全

关键词: 内存保护技术, 内存破坏型漏洞, 网络安全, 行为监控, 漏洞攻击防护, 端点安全