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Balance and Optimization of the Utilization and Protection of  Personal Information in the Context of Digital Transformation


  • Online:2022-07-04 Published:2022-07-04



  1. (华东政法大学经济法学院上海200042)
  • 通讯作者: 李淮男 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为经济法和个人信息保护法.
  • 作者简介:李淮男 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为经济法和个人信息保护法.

Abstract: With the indepth advancement of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitalization is inevitably changing human production and lifestyle as well as national governance models. In keeping with the tide of history, digital transformation strategies are being actively deployed across countries and regions. The efficiency of digital transformation depends mainly on the level of development of personal information, and the quality of transformation is closely related to the level of protection of personal information. While digital transformation has a positive impact on the use of personal information, it also challenges the balance and optimization between the use and protection of personal information. In view of the current situation of the use and protection of personal information in China, it should be improved from three aspects: rule design, governance mechanisms, and afterthefact relief. A personalinformationright system with power as the core should be established. A motivating personal information governance mechanism should be built. The personal information infringement relief system needs to be improved.Key words digital transformation; personal information protection; information value; information right; personal information governance

Key words: digital transformation, personal information protection, information value, information right, personal information governance

摘要: 伴随着第4次工业革命的纵深推进,数字化正以不可逆转的态势改变着人类的生产生活方式和国家治理模式.为顺应历史潮流,各国各地都在积极部署数字化转型战略.数字化的转型效率很大程度上取决于个人信息的开发能级,转型的质量则与个人信息的保护水平息息相关.数字化转型给个人信息利用带来积极影响的同时,也对个人信息利用与保护的平衡优化提出挑战.针对我国的个人信息利用与保护现状,应从规则设计、治理机制和事后救济3方面予以完善,建立以权能为核心的个人信息权利体系,并构建弃堵为疏、激励相容的个人信息治理机制,完善个人信息侵权救济体系.关键词数字化转型;个人信息保护;信息价值;信息权利;个人信息治理

关键词: 数字化转型, 个人信息保护, 信息价值, 信息权利, 个人信息治理