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On the “Protection of Personal Information During Generation”

Liu Kanghui   

  1. (Wuhan University Institute of Cyberspace Governance, Wuhan 430072)

  • Online:2023-10-17 Published:2023-10-28



  1. (武汉大学网络治理研究院武汉430072)
  • 通讯作者: 刘康辉 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为数据法学.
  • 作者简介:刘康辉 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为数据法学.

Abstract: The release of “Data 20” indicates that China is about to usher in a wide range of data circulation and utilization practices, and personal data, as the most valuable data, will become the object pursued by various subjects under the drive of interests, resulting in the issue of personal information protection. The existing Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China does not cover the “generation phase” of personal information, which can be filled by means of legal fiction, so as to realize the information subject's control over the generation of personal information, avoid various risks caused by excessive generation of personal information, achieve the goal of complete protection, and help the development of digital economy.

Key words: personal information, record, Legal fiction, Generation phase, complete protection

摘要: “数据二十条”的发布预示着我国即将迎来广泛的数据流通利用实践,而个人数据作为最有价值的数据必将成为各方主体在利益驱使下所追逐的对象,由此伴生出个人信息保护的议题.既有的《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法》未能涵盖到个人信息的“生成环节”,可以通过法律拟制的方式弥补这一漏洞,实现信息主体对于个人信息生成与否的控制,避免个人信息过度生成带来的各项风险,达至完全保护的目标,进而助力数字经济的发展.

关键词: 个人信息, 记录, 法律拟制, 生成环节, 完全保护

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