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Consideration on Some Problems in the Development of GPT4 and Its Regulation Scheme


  • Online:2023-06-04 Published:2023-06-03



  1. (武汉理工大学法学与人文社会学院武汉430070)
  • 通讯作者: 严驰 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为知识产权法、科技法、国际经济法.
  • 作者简介:严驰 硕士研究生.主要研究方向为知识产权法、科技法、国际经济法.

Abstract: With the release of the new generation of generative artificial intelligence (AI) foundation model GPT4, the era of AI has arrived. GPT4’s rapid popularity also raises some risk issues. In the aspect of data security, facing with frequent data leakage events, data storage period should be set to ensure the parallel development of data security and technology. In the aspect of intellectual property, GPT4 brings challenges on copyright infringement, subject status and works identification, which should be kept in mind in the future. In the aspect of the core algorithm, GPT4 hides the risk of algorithm discrimination. The algorithm should be continuously optimized to make GPT4 towards the true artificial general intelligence. At present, GPT4 is still in the process of continuous development, so it is still too early to design a detailed regulation scheme. In order to better deal with the risks caused by GPT4, independent innovation in the digital age should be sought, and generative AI should be included in the category of deep synthesis technology through special legislation on AI and combined with existing algorithms governing practice.

Key words: GPT4, artificial intelligence, data security, intellectual property, algorithm regulation

摘要: 随着新一代生成式人工智能(AI)大模型GPT4的发布,AI时代已然到来.GPT4在迅速普及应用的同时也引发了若干风险问题.在数据安全层面,面对频发的数据泄露事件,应通过设定数据存储期限,保障数据安全与技术发展并行;在知识产权层面,GPT4带来了关于版权侵权、主体地位、作品认定上的挑战,今后须持续保持关注;在核心算法层面,GPT4中隐藏着算法歧视的风险,应持续优化算法,让GPT4迈向真正的通用人工智能.目前GPT4仍处在不断发展的进程中,设计具体详尽的规制方案为时尚早.为更好地应对GPT4引发的风险,应寻求数字时代的自主创新,推进AI专项立法,结合我国已有的算法治理规范,将生成式AI纳入深度合成技术的范畴.

关键词: GPT4, 人工智能, 数据安全, 知识产权, 算法规制