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Security and Privacy Protection in 6G Network: A Survey


  • Online:2023-09-17 Published:2023-09-24



  1. 1(电子科技大学通信抗干扰全国重点实验室成都611731)

  • 通讯作者: 李玲 博士研究生.主要研究方向为网络空间安全.
  • 作者简介:李玲 博士研究生.主要研究方向为网络空间安全. 朱立东 博士,教授,博士生导师.主要研究方向为卫星通信、天地一体化网络. 李卫榜 博士,讲师,硕士生导师,CCF会员.主要研究方向为大数据、人工智能.

Abstract: The scale of 5G network deployments continues to grow. While there are obvious advantages over 4G network, the limitations of 5G network are emerging, which leads to research on 6G network technologies. The complexity of 6G network and the diversity of 6G’s applications make the security issues of 6G more prominent. Coupled with the fact that 6G frameworks and related technologies are largely in a conceptual state, the security and privacy issues of 6G network are still in the exploratory stage. In this paper we analyzed the current state of 6G security and privacy research at first, and than pointed out the security challenges in 6G network, discussed potential security solutions for 6G network from the aspects of physical layer security, artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technology (DLT), and edge computing, and finally we provided an outlook on future research trends of security and privacy protection in 6G network.

Key words: 6G, network security, privacy protection, artificial intelligence security, information security

摘要: 5G网络部署的规模不断增长,虽然与4G相比优势明显,但是局限性也逐渐显现,这也促使针对6G网络技术开展研究.6G网络的复杂性和应用的多样性使得其安全问题更加突出,加上6G网络框架和相关技术很大程度上处于概念状态,其安全和隐私问题当前仍处于探索阶段.对6G安全和隐私研究现状进行分析,指出6G面临的安全挑战,从物理层安全、人工智能(AI)、分布式账本技术(distributed ledger technology, DLT)、边缘计算等方面讨论了6G的潜在安全解决方案,最后对未来研究趋势进行了展望.

关键词: 6G, 网络安全, 隐私保护, 人工智能安全, 信息安全

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