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    05 August 2020, Volume 6 Issue 8
    Promote the Construction of 5G Security System
    2020, 6(8):  670-672. 
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    Research on the Requirements and Standard System of 5G Cyber Security
    2020, 6(8):  673-679. 
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    t 5G,which is based on a new network architecture, and introduces new technologies such as network function virtualization, network slicing, edge computing, etc., greatly improves the business capacity of mobile network, supports large bandwidth, low latency, wide connection and other scenario applications, and plays an important role in the development of "new infrastructure" and the construction of digital society. 5G cyber security is an important part of the healthy operation of social production and life, which needs to be supported by a strong security guarantee and standard system. This paper analyzes 5G security challenges and standardization requirements from the aspects of network security, data security, business security, operation security, security supervision, etc., studies and puts forward 5g security standard reference system and key work promotion suggestions, aiming to provide reference for relevant stakeholders to carry out 5G security risk prevention, establish a robust security system, and build a multi-trust and cooperation industrial ecology.
    Research on Security Reference Architecture and Solutions for 5G Applications
    2020, 6(8):  680-687. 
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    5G is the new generation mobile network that enables innovation and supports progressive change across all vertical industries and across our society. 5G usage scenarios face new security risks due to the technology used and the characteristics of the specific application scenario, and that has become a key factor affecting the development of 5G convergence services. In this paper, we firstly summarize the technical characteristics and typical usage scenarios of 5G. Then, based on the three major applications scenarios including eMBB, uRLLC, and mMTC, we also analyzed the security requirements and put forward corresponding safety countermeasures. Finally, we give the security reference architecture and propose security solutions on the terminal layer, network layer, platform layer and service layer, which provide an effective reference for the development of 5G application security.
    Research on 5G Supply Chain Security Under Global Digital Economy Strategic
    2020, 6(8):  688-693. 
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    In the next ten years, 5G will play an important role in promoting the development of China's digital economy as a key infrastructure for comprehensively building economic and social digital transformation. In order to maintain China's long-term competitive advantage in 5G and global dominance, this article carefully analyzes the strategic purpose and strategic route of the "5G Security National Strategy" issued by the United States, and proposes that China's 5G development should accelerate the study and formulation of China's spectrum strategy, improving China's 5G development laws and policies, accelerating China's new 5G infrastructure construction, strengthening 5G supply chain security risk management, and strengthening 5G international opening and cooperation.
    Security challenges and Countermeasures of new techniques of 5G
    2020, 6(8):  694-698. 
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    In 2020, 5G will gradually enter the stage of large-scale deployment and commercial use. 5G is facing new security challenges and risks while opening up a new situation of Internet of everything. 5G uses new technologies including NFV / SDN, network slicing, cloud computing, MEC to meet the diversified needs of vertical business scenarios. Compared with traditional networks, 5G is more complex, open and flexible. The introduction of new technologies will be accompanied by new security risks and challenges. This paper analyzes the security challenges and security demand that new technologies will bring to 5g, and gives corresponding countermeasures based on the technical characteristics.
    Research on Security of 5G Mobile Communication Network
    2020, 6(8):  699-704. 
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    With the rapid development of mobile communications and smart devices, the commercial implementation of the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G) provides users with a better experience, faster, smoother, and stable communication services. Aiming at the security of 5G mobile communication network,The security of 5G mobile communication network is introduced from four aspects of new services, new network architecture, new air interface technology and higher user privacy Requirements, and proposed 5G UE access and switching methods, lightweight security mechanism of the Internet of Things, network slice security isolation strategy, user privacy protection and blockchain technology and other five aspects of protection and response strategies.
    Research on 5G Internet of Vehicles Security Based on V2X HSM
    2020, 6(8):  705-709. 
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    With the continuous improvement of automobile intelligence, networking and electrification, driven by the new 5G infrastructure policy, the Internet of vehicles is expected to usher in great development,but the information security problems faced by the Internet of vehicles are becoming more and more prominent. This paper firstly analyzes the trend of the Internet of vehicles, as well as various security risks faced by it, and proposes that the security not only needs to establish a defense system in depth from the cloud, the pipe, the vehicle and the mobile end, but also should shift the focus of security to the vehicle end, and the v2x HSM (hardware security module) is the core and cornerstone to effectively ensure the security of the vehicle end..
    Research on the mMTC Security of 5G New Infrastructure
    2020, 6(8):  710-715. 
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    At present, the Chinese government is seizing the historical opportunities of informatization development, and promoting the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, IoT and Industrial Internet, etc. With the accelerated transformation of 5G new infrastructure, the integration of 5G and IoT has promoted the formation of massive machine type of communication (mMTC). At the initial development stage of mMTC,developing mMTC and ensuring it security proactively are of great significance for improving the 5G services security capability, especially for the current starting situation of 5G-related services, analysis of the security issues of mMTC will provide guidance for the future deployment. This paper summarizes the evolution of the concept of the mMTC, analyzes the typical model of the mMTC, and puts forward security requirements in conjunction with the security risks of the mMTC, to provide security reference for the mMTC in the future.
    Research on Support of 256-bit Algorithm in 5G Mobile Communication System
    2020, 6(8):  716-721. 
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    In 5G Release 15 and Release 16, 128-bit symmetric algorithms and Elliptic curve asymmetric algorithms are standardized to protect air-interface information. Due to development of quantum computing technology, quantum computers may pose a long-term threat to 5G system. 3GPP have completed a study item and reached an agreement that it is necessary to use 256-bit algorithms, as well as quantum-resistance asymmetric algorithms in future release of 5G. In this paper, we gave an overview of the secure algorithms in 5G system. We analyzed effect on communication procedures and implementations when 256-bit symmetric and quantum-resistance asymmetric algorithms coexist with 128-bit keys in legacy networks or earlier 5G phases, which provide important reference for the development of 5G network in the future. future.
    A wireless authentication scheme based on Combined Public Key
    2020, 6(8):  722-726. 
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    Due to the limitation of the broadband and storage of mobile devices, 802.1X authentication, VPN authentication and PKI authentication can not meet the requirements of wireless communication authentication in the process of client access to enterprise network. A CPK-based wireless authentication scheme is proposed. Firstly, the improved scheme is based on the original elliptic curve, which improves the key agreement protocol and realizes the communication in wireless network. Then, the implementation process of CPK-based login authentication under this protocol is studied to support client access. Finally, the security of the improved scheme is analyzed. The simulation results show that the scheme based on CPK has strong security and computational efficiency.
    Research on enterprise information security system based on block chain
    2020, 6(8):  727-732. 
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    With the continuous emerging of various network attack technologies and the constant challenge of security threats such as high-risk zero-day vulnerabilities and ransomware, the pressure of information security protection is increasing day by day. By analyzing the needs of enterprises for active control, system protection and in-depth defense, and studying the security mechanism and security strategy of blockchain, this paper proposes the new framework of enterprise information security system. It may provide a valuable reference for enterprises to build a brand new architecture of information security that integrates technology and management, dynamic system and static system.
    Research on Attribute Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing
    2020, 6(8):  733-737. 
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    Cloud computing has become the mainstream form of information sharing at present, but the openness of cloud computing platform, the uneven distribution of terminals and the complexity of network interconnection make it more vulnerable to network attacks such as virus infection and information leakage than in the past. In order to ensure that user data is not illegally accessed, the data is usually encrypted and then stored in the cloud. The traditional encryption mechanism can not meet the needs of multi-fine-grained access control in new environment such as cloud computing. Based on the basic principle of attribute-based encryption mechanism, attribute-based encryption mechanism in cloud computing is systematically studied in this paper, and then its security is compared and analyzed in depth.
    Research on railway network security evaluation system
    2020, 6(8):  738-743. 
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    To study the cybersecurity evaluation of railway business system. On the basis of sorting out the current national cybersecurity standards and railway regulations for cybersecurity assessment. Analyze the gap between the current cybersecurity assessment work carried out by the railway and the requirements of national standards. Put forward the concept of safety assessment based on the trinity of classified cybersecurity protection assessment, risk assessment and security assessment. Based on the concept of the trinity form the whole life cycle of the railway system of network security evaluation model and evaluation system,which provides reference for the cybersecurity detection.
    Research on fault time location method in software reliability testing process based on fault history data
    2020, 6(8):  744-750. 
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    At present, the quantitative evaluation of software reliability is mainly based on software reliability test or fault data collected in real use. However, due to the long test period of software reliability test and the difficulty in collecting enough fault data, the application of this technology in practical engineering is limited.However, a large number of software failures discovered by testing during software development cannot be used for software reliability quantitative evaluation because they are irrelevant to the actual use process or have no failure time record.In this paper, according to the characteristics of the software reliability testing profile software reliability test input space model is proposed and based on this model to generate test cases, with conventional fault found in software testing data matching the input space, the failure data in software reliability testing possible to locate fault time, to the terms of quantitative evaluation of software reliability.The feasibility and effectiveness of the method are verified by taking the control software of an imitation engine as the experimental object.
    Research on Regulatory Path to Protect Big Data Scraped by Crawler as Trade Secret
    2020, 6(8):  751-758. 
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    Human society has entered the era of big data. Big data acquisition is an important part of the big data industry. Scraping data through web spider is an important way to obtain data. In order to limit the crawler's access to data, companies rely on robots exclusion protocol and take other technical measures. There have been several cases in judicial practice that the behavior of web crawlers acquiring data constitutes an infringement of the legal interests of computer data, personal information, copyright and neighboring rights. But there is no case yet in which the behavior of spiders is identified as an infringement of trade secrets. Robots exclusion protocol is a generally accepted commercial habit in the Internet and is legally binding. The strength of anti-scraping technical measures is as strong as the confidentiality measures listed in the judicial interpretation, and it is feasible to regulate the behavior of obtaining data by crawlers by trade secret.
    Multilevel Encryption Application in U Disk Encryption
    2020, 6(8):  759-764. 
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    With the continuous development of information technology, the U disk encryption system has become important content in the commercial confidentiality in the U disk encryption process involving the business security and social public security document is likely to be damaged and interception, so documents in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, prevent the document was leaked, tampered with; At the same time, in order to strengthen the senior confidential documents, as well as to the U disk holders or participants to recognize validated, must adopt a new technology -- multi-level encryption technology, make its can achieve higher secrecy. Firstly briefly introduced the research background,research of the theory, principle of multilevel encryption, etc. Secondly introduces the principle of multi-level encryption technology and multi-level encryption technology in the design process. Finally using high-level programming language c # on Microsoft. NET development comprehensive technologies to realize the multilevel encryption tools, finally solves the content of U disk encryption security problems.