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    12 August 2021, Volume 7 Issue 8
    Design of Active Security Network Architecture
    2021, 7(8):  694-703. 
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    This is the second article in a series of articles on active safety network architecture. Traditional network mainly considers information and communication while it has little consideration of network security, which leads to the security protection of network applications having to be added to the network architecture by other security technologies and products to make up for the initial security flaws. However, these additional security measures lack integrity and coordination. As a result, the security protection is half of the effort and many important security issues still cannot be resolved. The four components of the active security network architecture cooperate with each other to provide overall and integrated network security capabilities, bringing a variety of new security features such as unified network access boundaries, identity authentication access, dynamic policy deployment, security capability integration, and unified management and control by the management center to the network. And it provides methods and capabilities to solve security problems from different perspectives, which can effectively solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional network security protection and realize network endogenous security, unified management and control, and coordinated defense.
    5G Terminal Security Technology Analysis#br#
    2021, 7(8):  704-714. 
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    With the application of new 5G communications technologies, various 5G terminals are derived for consumers and for various industries. This paper analyzes the selfsecurity of 5G terminal in industry application and the security challenges and requirements for accessing 5G networks. This paper proposes security requirements for identity security management,information encryption protection and privacy protection,5G terminal security detection and management of 5G terminal,analyzes the corresponding security technologies. This paper summarizes the new requirements andsolutionsforterminal information security protection faced by industry applications and individuals in new 5G scenarios, and provides references for 5G industry users and individuals to improve their security protection capabilities and awareness.
    Research on Vehicle Logo Recognition Technology Based on Memristive Neural Network#br#
    2021, 7(8):  715-727. 
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    In recent years, with the development of intelligent transportation systems, the number of cars in our country has grown rapidly. However, with a large number of deck cars and unlicensed cars appearing, and illegal acts frequently occur. How to identify vehicle logo quickly and accurately has become an urgent problem for traffic management departments. In order to quickly and accurately identify the vehicle, this dissertation first proposes a new digital image preprocessing algorithm by combining the memristor and convolutional neural network for vehicle logo recognition. In order to simulate the noise in the real scene, four new datasets are constructed based on the VLR40 dataset. Through two experiments, the vehicle logo recognition technology based on memristive neural network is deeply researched and analyzed. Finally, the application of vehicle logo recognition technology in intelligent traffic information security is discussed.
    Design of CrossDomain Data Fusion Traceability Framework Based on Secondary Chain Structure#br#
    2021, 7(8):  728-738. 
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    Aiming at the problems of data security, data credibility and data traceability in crossdomain data fusion, this paper proposes a crossdomain data fusion traceability framework  based on the secondary chain structure, and researches on key technologies such as crossdomain data fusion oriented secondary chain construction, trusted access storage, trusted fast traceability, etc, and develops a prototype system based on this framework. By setting a universal threelevel domain data fusion scenario, the feasibility, convenience and  lightweight of the framework are verified. This work provides new methods and ideas for the safety supervision and full life cycle traceability of largescale data fusion systems, and has a wide range of application values in scenarios such as government data sharing, urban data governance, and ocean situation observation.
    Research on E-Government Information Sharing Based on Zero Trust Model
    2021, 7(8):  739-744. 
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    With the continuous development of e-government, the demand for information sharing across departments is increasing rapidly. At present, there are two main ways to share information: direct connection between departments, and information exchanging and sharing method with the help of government information resources exchange and sharing platform based on the e-government external network. However, the problems of network information security exist in these two ways of sharing is getting worse because of many departments and systems which are involved. The zero trust model tries to improve security by accurately accessing information systems and services and eliminating the uncertainty in decision making. Its essence is the change of security concept from systemcentric boundary protection to resourcecentric dynamic protection.This paper analyses the problems and reasons of information sharing in e-government,  puts forward the information sharing scheme based on zero trust model from the perspective of government departments combining the existing technology, and describes the problems in its application.
    Rethinking the Concept of Personal Information: Focusing on “Identification” Elements#br#
    2021, 7(8):  754-762. 
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    Target advertising technology has become popular, causing fierce debate over whether IP addresses, s, and IMEI numbers are personal information. The source of the dispute lies in the vagueness of the “identification” of personal information. Identification can be divided into “physical identification” and “virtual identification”. Virtual identification is the necessary meaning of “identification”. Secondly, identification has two interpretation approaches in Chinese: “recognizing someone” and “single out someone”. Adopting the interpretation approach of “single out someone” is conducive to providing clear applicable standards, unifying with the concept of “reidentification” in the anonymization concept, and solving the dilemma of “direct identification”. Finally, personal information can be divided into “real identity information” and “digital identity information” based on whether it can identify a specific natural person in the physical world, more stringent protection measures for real identity information will be taken.
    Effect Analysis of Network Security Attack and Defense Technology
    2021, 7(8):  763-772. 
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    This paper presents the risks of network security faced by medical institutions, the reasons for the risks and the necessity of network security construction, aiming at improving the network security of network medical institutions. According to the national network security laws and regulations and level protection policies, the idea of putting forward to the architecture of network defense based on open source software is proposed, basing on kill chain model and MITRE ATT&CK framework as the basis of network attack knowledge base. This architecture applies defense strategy, technology and software to all stages of AntiKillChain and AntiATT&CK framework attack. Through a large number of network attackdefense experiment and the actual running effect of inspection for a long time, it can achieve better defense effect, and provide the practical reference significance for medical institutions to improve network security.