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    13 September 2021, Volume 7 Issue 9
    The Analysis of National Security Risk in Open Source Software Supply Chain
    2021, 7(9):  790-794. 
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    Currently, open source software is widely used in network products, and open source has become an important part of the software supply chain, and its security and controllability issues have become increasingly prominent. Western countries' dominant advantages in open source organizations and open source project policies have a great impact on the security of china's corresponding network product supply chains. Starting from the cybersecurity review, this article combines the analysis results of the open source software code components to study and analyze the national security risks in the open source software supply chain,proposes suggestions for improving the safety management of open source software supply chain.
    5G Cyber Security Penetration Test Framework and Method
    2021, 7(9):  795-801. 
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    5G network construction is in full swing. The high rate, massive coverage, and extremely low latency of 5G networks make the Internet of Everything possible and bring new opportunities and challenges to network information and security.5G will create new prospects for industry transformation and business models. 5G will be further applied to various vertical industries, such as smart driving, smart grid, and smart healthcare.The 5G architecture is different from the previous 2G/3G/4G architecture and deploy MEC near base stations, which greatly 
    increases security risks. As 5G constructs Internet of Everything scenarios, it faces more risks such as malicious attacks and information theft. This paper analyzes the weaknesses of the 5G network architecture and studies the security penetration framework in 5G networks and proposes the penetration framework of terminal side, RAN side, bearer side, MEC side and core network side.

    Protocol Family of Active Security Network Architecture
    2021, 7(9):  802-809. 
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    This is the third article in a series of articles on active safety network architecture, which introduces the protocol family of active safety network architecture. On the basis of traditional TCP/IP, the active security network architecture supplements a family of security-related protocols to achieve related network security capabilities. The IPK key platform, authentication client, border authentication machine and management control server of the active secure network architecture cooperate with each other to achieve the overall safe and stable operation of the architecture. During the operation of the architecture, security services such as terminal authentication, border authentication machine registration and authentication, terminal authentication information reporting, terminal security policy issuance, third-party platform information reporting and policy interaction are respectively supported by the access authentication protocol, management control protocol, business interaction protocol, open integration protocol and trust interconnection protocol. The national secret technology is widely used in the supporting protocol of the active security architecture, which enhances the security strength and ensures the security of business operations.
    Privacy Considerations of European Contact Tracing Technology (DP3T)
    2021, 7(9):  810-814. 
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    COVID-19 broke out at the end of 2019 has not been eradicated until today, and people around the world are still being affected. One of the measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic is to identify people who have been in contact closely with persons infected by coronavirus, trace contacts map and issue effective, accurate notifications to the public who are in close contact with infected person. In response to this demand, the government or companies continue to develop some contact tracing apps to help track contacts to conduct real-time analysis of coronavirus. However, there is increasing concern about the impact of this technology on privacy since public or private organizations will share a large amount of personal data. To reconcile this issue, Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP3T) was pushed to the front and received public scrutiny. Based on the technical and legal background in Europe, we first analyzes DP3T briefly then introduces its application to GDPR, and finally concludes that such technology should fall within the scope of GDPR and future focus may be aware of the platform issues.
    Security Technologies in 5G Smart Grids
    2021, 7(9):  815-821. 
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    5G has broad application prospects in smart grids, which will greatly help improve grid intelligence and unmannedness. In addition, as an industry with high security requirements, security has become a threshold for the wide-scale application of 5G in the smart grid industry and must be prioritized. This paper analyzes new security risks and challenges brought by new technologies and features of 5G networks, proposes an overall 5G security framework for smart grids based on the security requirements of electric power features, and describes in detail the implementation of major security technologies, especially the slicing technology in 5G grids. It can meet power regulation and security requirements and build a better power 5G application environment.
    Research on Security Risk Assessment of 5G Supply Chain
    2021, 7(9):  822-827. 
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    Under globalization, every country can participate in the supply chain with its own advantages. This has made all walks of life develop vigorously. At the same time, globalization has also brought some risks to the supply chain. COVID-19 has exposed many potential risks, especially in 5G and other mobile communication industries. This paper first introduces the basic structure and characteristics of 5G supply chain, analyzes the current situation of 5G supply chain in China, then introduces each link of 5G supply chain security risk management method, and puts forward a 5G network supply chain security evaluation model. Finally, combined with the current situation of 5G supply chain security in China, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the promotion of 5G supply chain security standardization in China.
    Research on Host Intrusion Fetection Method Based on System Call Behavior Similarity Clustering
    2021, 7(9):  828-835. 
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    In the host intrusion detection method based on kernel module abstraction some system calls of the same kernel module have different behaviors,and different kernel modules also contain system calls with similar behaviors, which causes confusion of abstract mapping of behavior and affects the detection performance.This paper proposes a host intrusion detection method based on system call behavior similarity clustering.Firstly,Word2Vec is utilized to construct continuous dense word vector to extract multi-dimensional semantic similarity information of system call behavior,and then the clustering algorithm is utilized to make abstract represent of system call which reduce the confusion of behavior abstract mapping.The results of the experiment based on ADFA-LD and ADFA-WD datasets show that the method can effectively reduce the confusion of abstract mapping of behavior and improve the detection performance.At the same time,the efficiency of detection can be greatly improved by selecting different number of clusters,which has great practical value.
    Research on Security of Digital Certificate
    2021, 7(9):  836-843. 
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     PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) is a kind of system based on Public Key cryptography and digital certificates to provide system security services and verify user identity legitimacy. Based on the systematic introduction of PKI architecture and related technology implementation principle and functional characteristics, from the perspective of network attack and defense, this paper focuses on the analysis of RSA algorithm, USBKEY digital Certificate and CA (Certificate Authority) existing security problems, and puts forward the corresponding solutions and ideas. At the same time, from two aspects of technology and management, and from apply to the CA to the application of digital certificate, the paper focuses on the analysis of the possible security risks, and finally gives out specific countermeasures.
    Design of the standard architecture of the network security situation awareness
    2021, 7(9):  844-848. 
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    As the real-time guardian of the network security, network security situation awareness platform is the main means to realize "all-weather and all-round awareness of the network security situation". However, being different from the traditional firewall, intrusion detection, security audit and other functions of relatively fixed products, the concept and application of the network security situation awareness is much more complex. Based on the investigation of typical models of network security situation awareness at home and abroad, this paper presents the standard framework of network security situation awareness, focusing on the problems faced by organizations in building network security situation awareness capability and manufacturers in developing and designing network security situation awareness products. It can provide basis for the network security situation awareness R & D, production and testing units to carry out standardized scientific research, production and testing.
    Research on Channel Fingerprinting-Based Wireless Device Identity Anomaly Detection Technology
    2021, 7(9):  849-855. 
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    With the rapid development of wireless technology and the broad coverage of wireless communication infrastructure, wireless network has become a necessity in people's daily life.However, the endless impersonation attacks have greatly challenged the security of wireless network.Encryption system is a traditional solution to resist these attacks, but its improvement of security is based on the increase of system production cost and computational complexity.At the same time, the continuous upgrade of cracking techniques also poses a threat to its security. This paper proposes a non-cryptographic wireless device identity anomaly detection system.The system uses fine-grained channel state information (CSI) to generate channel fingerprinting.Such fingerprinting represents the physical properties of device and is therefore difficult to forge.The system uses fingerprinting to construct local device calibration files, and uses the local outlier factor (LOF) to verify devices’ identity.Considering the location sensitivity of channel fingerprinting, we provide a secure calibration file update method, which can avoid misjudgment of legal devices whose location has changed, and can also detect impostors who try to interfere with the update.Experiments showed that our system has a high accuracy rate of anomaly detection, which has a good application prospect in wireless network security.
    Forgotten of Personal Information Based on DataSecOps
    2021, 7(9):  856-860. 
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    Personal information belongs to special information among all kinds of data information and has special requirements in compliance. Among them, forgotten of personal information is the key link of personal information compliance. However, due to the characteristics of data operation in the digital transformation period, the existing methods or technologies are insufficient to meet the demands for forgetting or deleting personal information in the whole process of data operation. Forgotten of personal information Based on DataSecOps is developed to solve problem. In view of the personal information itself characteristic and the new characteristics of data operation, the solution puts forward combined with AI and data sandbox, deleted personal information with self-associative retrieval, and established delete - compliance of the chain of evidence for audit. The technology is embedded into data operations and achieve compliance goals for personal information in forgetting or deleting.
    Edge-Cloud Synergy Information Security Protection Method for Industrial Control System Based on SDN under DDoS Attack
    2021, 7(9):  861-870. 
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    Software-defined network (SDN) is a new type of network architecture, which is characterized by the separation of control and forwarding and supports programmatic control of the network. The combination of SDN and industrial control systems provides new ideas for solving the information security problems of industrial control systems, while also making DDoS attacks a major security threat to industrial control system networks. As a converted DDoS attack, overload attack uses the vulnerability of limited load in SDN controllers and switches to pose a threat to the entire SDN network. At the same time, due to the continuous growth of SDN network service demand and the diversity of network applications, the scale of SDN network is gradually changing from the initial single-controller network to the multi-controller network. Facing the increasingly complex network scale, it is difficult to effectively defend the attacks when resources on the edge are limited. Therefore, this article uses the resource advantage of cloud computing, based on SDN network, combined with port and address hopping and load balancing algorithms, and proposes an edge-cloud synergy information security protection method for industrial control system to effectively defend against DDoS attacks.
    Design and Configuration of Vehicle Networking Miniature Model based on V2X CA
    2021, 7(9):  871-878. 
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    V2X(vehicle to everything) refers to the direct connection between vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and infrastructure, vehicle and person, vehicle and cloud,what is widely regarded as the inevitable trend of the future development of vehicle. As vehicle become more connected, the vehicle change from a closed space to a node of the internet of everything. How to ensure the safety of vehicle communication is particularly important. The V2X CA(certification authority) certificate effectively guarantees the safety of the connected communication link, but normative standards about it have not yet been developed, industry promotion and awareness is not enough. On the other hand, it’s hard to get a visual idea of how V2X CA certificate work. Thus, a vehicle networking miniature model based on V2X CA have been proposed and introduced from base installation layer, data layer, application layer, scene display layer. 6 scenes have been design and configurat 

    Design of Medical Information Security Storage System Based on Level Protection
    2021, 7(9):  879-884. 
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    The currently designed medical information security storage system has a low data recognition rate, resulting in a small amount of stored data. In order to solve the above problems, a new medical information security storage system has been designed based on hierarchical protection. The system architecture consists of hierarchical protection, information security fault generation module, medical information security event collector, information security event database, control center, and network system terminal. User and other modules constitute. Information collection is realized through SUIR/IPTN collector, network terminal data collector, SDHI collector, database collector, K8RBH03Y2N storage chip is selected, storage sequence is divided into 6 groups, and hierarchical operation is used to control the common data flow of each group corresponding column. Based on the principle of hierarchical protection, the normal operation and actual operation of the medical information storage system is realized, and the design of the medical information security storage system based on hierarchical protection is completed. The experimental results show that the medical information security storage system based on graded protection can effectively improve the data recognition rate, expand the amount of stored data, and realize the safe storage of medical information, ensure the integrity of medical information and the reliability of medical data. Realize data flow information storage based on level protection.
    Eight dimensions shape a Internet Power
    2021, 7(9):  885-888. 
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