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    15 December 2018, Volume 4 Issue 12
    Cultivation of Cyber Security Talents Should Be Developed in Practical Training
    2018, 4(12):  1062-1065. 
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    To Accelerate the Discipline Construction and Talent Cultivation of Cyberspace Security with Scientifc Cyber Security Concept
    2018, 4(12):  1066-1067. 
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    Establishing a Scientifc Evaluation System for Network Security Talents
    2018, 4(12):  1068-1070. 
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    Introduction to the Issue of Cultivation of Cyber Security Talents
    2018, 4(12):  1071-1072. 
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    Innovation and Practice of Pluralistic and MultiLevel Cyber Security Personnel Training
    Li Jianhua
    2018, 4(12):  1073-1082. 
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    In the new round of competition around the global information space in the context of “cyber warfare”, countries have taken the training of information security personnel as their core strategy. In the process of transforming from “network power” to “network great power”, China needs a pluralistic and multilevel cyber security personnel training system. However, there are some problems in the current training, such as single system, solid model, and weak practice teaching. This paper analyzes and studies the innovation and practice of pluralistic and multilevel cybersecurity y personnel training. On the basis of the status of personnel training at home and abroad, this paper studies the innovative ideas and models of pluralistic and multilevel cyber security personnel training, and analyzes the construction mode and key technologies of the cyber security range comprehensive practice platform. Finally, the development trend of personnel training innovation and practice is forecasted. This paper has a good theoretical and practical value for the training of security personnel under the new cyber situation.
    Status Analysis and Construction Approaches on Talent Training System of Cyberspace Security
    2018, 4(12):  1083-1088. 
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    Cyberspace security has become a major strategic issue concerning national longterm stability, social and economic development, and peoples welfare. To maintain national cybersecurity and build a cyber powerhouse, a team of highquality talents in the cyberspace security field should be carefully trained. Based on the characters of cyberspace security such as broad knowledge base, complex knowledge organization, strong interdisciplinary relationship, fast knowledge updateing and strong practicality, we make a careful analysis on the shortcomings of the current talent training system of cyberspace security in China. After indepth thinking and discussion, we objectively point out: a reasonable, scientific and systematic talent training system of cyberspace security should be built considering how to build the scientific curriculum system for cyberspace security majors, how to improve the overall level of teaching staff, how to adopt the novel teaching model, how to design the diversified practice teaching system, how to establish the scientific and objective evaluation mechanism and so on.
    Exploration and Practice on Talent Cultivation of Information Security Specialty
    2018, 4(12):  1089-1092. 
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    With the increasingly prominent problem of cyberspace security, new requirements are constantly put forward for the construction of cybersecurity talents. It is urgent to train high-level and highquality professionals as soon as possible. This paper introduces the construction of information security specialty in Beijing Jiaotong University. Through the exploration and practice of talent cultivation model, curriculum system and practice training system, an innovative talent cultivation system for information security specialty is established to meet the needs of social development.
    The Responsibilities of University to Build the Value System of Cyberspace Security Talents
    2018, 4(12):  1093-1097. 
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    The value of cyberspace security talents is the extension and application of the general concept of talents value in the field of cyberspace security. Through the creative labor, the cyberspace security talents can produce the social wealth which is needed by others, society and themselves, to realize their own values. Therefore, the value system of cyberspace security talents include four parts: the value cultivation, the value realization, the value evaluation and the value development. Building the value system of the cyberspace security talents is a complex work, which needs the support and joint efforts of the whole society, among which the university plays an irreplaceable role. At present, China is paying more and more attention to the cultivation of cyberspace security talents. Colleges and universities should seize the opportunity, move with the trend, strengthen the discipline construction, innovate the training mode, strive to cultivate high quality cyberspace security talents for the country, and take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of constructing the value system of cyberspace security talents.
    Introduction to Network Security Training Course Design
    2018, 4(12):  1098-1105. 
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    With the internationalization and socialization of the network security environment, the network security problem is no longer a simple technical problem, but involves technical, management, engineering control and human comprehensive issues, while traditional technical security training is no longer suitable for fastdeveloping forms of network security. Therefore, how to establish an online course design problem that meets the needs of the new era has become a major problem that plagues network security training. This paper discusses the issues related to the design of the network security training course system by focusing on the business process and building different levels of network security SP 800181 “National Cyber Security Education Initiative (NICE) Network Security Workforce Framework”.
    A Study on the Development and Management of Student Technical Association About Cyberspace Security
    2018, 4(12):  1106-1109. 
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    From the perspective of the development and management of cyberspace security technical associations, combining the particularity of cyberspace security discipline and characteristics of cyberspace security personnel, this paper analyzes the current situation, the common problems and the fundamental reason of their occurrence. By the consideration of the authors in this filed, some suggestions on strengthening the management of cyberspace security technical associations are given to ensure the healthy development of associations. These suggestions will guarantee the healthy development of students associations in cyberspace security, and strive to cultivate highquality cyberspace security personnel with political reliability and outstanding skills
    To Build a HighEnd Cybersecurity Talent Team by Fostering the Development of Think Tanks
    2018, 4(12):  1110-1113. 
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    At present, the implementation of the National Cyber Development Strategy makes a new and more urgent requirement to the construction of cybersecurity talent teams and manpower. To accelerate the development of cybersecurity thinktank and build a highquality talent team has become a strategic and basic work to protect cybersecurity. By drawing on the successful experience of international famous think tanks, we consider it necessary to foster the development of Chinas cybersecurity think tank, so as to build a highquality professional talent team, and provide suggestions on organization system and talent cultivating mechanism.
    The Application of Case Teaching in the FullTime Masters Course “Trusted Cloud Computing”
    2018, 4(12):  1114-1118. 
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    In the process of computer graduate training, how to increase students experience in current corporate practice and how to strengthen students understanding of business operations have been an application dilemma. The case teaching method can completely restore the system development process by introducing specific scenarios and data, which allows students to experience the actual research and development of the project personally. Thus, greatly solving the problem of too much knowledge instilling in the lectures and insufficient student participation. Based on the longterm teaching practice and projects a large number of scientific research projects, the case teaching method in the course of “Trusted Cloud Computing” is introduced in this paper. It systematically expounds the criteria and specific working process of screening case resources and establishing case databases in this academically advanced course. By analyzing the teaching objectives and methods of the course, the working methods of teaching content design in combination with specific cases are proposed. Finally, the effect achieved through case teaching is objectively assessed.
    Practical Information Security Personnel Training Framework
    2018, 4(12):  1119-1123. 
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    Venustech Cyberspace Security Institute believes that the national network letter business provides strong talent support as its mission. Relying on the accumulation of network security in the Venustech Group, we have formed an Information Security operation and maintenance course system, an Information security attack and defense course system, an Information security management course system, an Information security technology course system, and new technology safety course system. Nearly 60 courses in eight major courses, such as security development course system. Each course has been meticulously polished, combined with new technologies and teaching feedback for industry users, constantly optimizing the course content and teaching methods, and has provided information security training for the government and major industry organizations for more than a thousand times; participated in organizing major safety competitions. Nearly 100 times, nearly 500 winners in the training industry information security competitions; nearly 25000 information security technology and information security management talents have been trained, and they have been praised as “China's powerful high-quality training institutions” by domestic and foreign partners.
    Discussion and Practice on Training and Certification of Cybersecurity Professional Workforce
    2018, 4(12):  1124-1126. 
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    Ultimately the competition in cyberspace will come down to talent competition. With publication of a series of policies and regulations, the education and training of cybersecurity professionals have been rapidly improving in recent years and prominent outcome has appeared in public education, sector regulating, personnel training and certification. Compared with the perfect system of national strategy, policies, regulations, standards and implementation in the United States, the education and training system of network security personnel in China still needs to be improved. Challenge and opportunity coexist with breakthroughs in education and training of cybersecurity professional workforce.
    Building the Cultivation of Practical Talents in Network Information Security
    2018, 4(12):  1127-1129. 
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    With the improvement of informatization, the role of network security talents in maintaining network security has become more and more prominent.This paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of network security personnel training under the background of the rapid development and comprehensive popularization of current network information technology, and explores how to create a perfect network in response to the spurt demand of Chinas network security and practical talents. The safe talent training model, and then put forward specific measures to establish a practical network security talent training model in China.
    Discussions on Requirement and Cultivation of Network Security Talents of Energy Industry
    2018, 4(12):  1130-1134. 
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    With the development of technologies such as ICT, network security incidents such as detection, penetration and attacks for the energy industry are gradually increasing, and the network security of the energy industry has to face an increasingly severe situation. But there exists a big gap between the cultivation methods and the energy industry requirements. Talents in this area are far from being sufficient to meet the needs. Based on analysis of energy industry demands for network security personnel with ability as well as the current status and problem of the cultivation method in universities, this paper aims at a mode focusing on ability development of how to efficiently improve network security personnel ability to satisfy the needs of talents by constructing experimental environment, schoolenterprise cooperation in the energy industry and international exchange.
    Linux Kernel mmap Protection Mechanism Research
    2018, 4(12):  1135-1141. 
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    To speed up data exchange, many Linux device drivers provide mmap handler interface, and user processes directly share physical memory between user space and the kernel space by calling mmap. To ensure kernel security, mmap handler interface should check arguments passed in by user process, such as the starting location and the length of memory mapping. Those interfaces which are negligent in checking or have loopholes in checking logic may directly threaten the security of the system. This paper analyzes the main problems of mmap handler argument checking, and proposes a kernel protection mechanism based on registration policy.
    A Digital Lottery Issuance System Based on Blockchain
    2018, 4(12):  1142-1148. 
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    Aiming at the opacity of the current lottery system, a digital lottery issuance system based on blockchain is proposed. The most important feature of the blockchain are “decentralization” and “safe and transparent”, which perfectly fit the basic capabilities required by the lottery industry and future development. This paper introduces several key technologies in the process of building the lottery system based on blockchain, including the “decentralization” control of the winning number selection and the consensus mechanism, and the automatic execution of the smart contract in the lottery drawing process. Through these key technologies, this paper proposes the overall framework and concrete realization of a secure, reliable and decentralized lottery system based on blockchain, which technically solves the trust problem of the current Internet lottery system.