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    Research on a New Generation Network Security Framework for Network Security Assurance of Major Event
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (5): 492-.  
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    Due to the open network environment,complex information system and widespread social concern, major event faces increasing network security risks. The traditional plugin network security protection is more and more difficult to adapt to the increasingly complex network security situation of major event. Based on the network security assurance work of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, this paper systematically sorts out the main characteristics of network security assurance for major event, puts forward a new generation network security framework, and analyzes the structure, characteristics and models of the framework in detail. The “zero accident” in the network security assurance work of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Paralympic Games shows that the framework can effectively guide the network security assurance work for major event, and provides a successful model for network security assurance work for major event.
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    ChatGPT’s Applications, Status and Trends in the Field of Cyber Security
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (6): 500-.  
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    ChatGPT, as a large language model technology, demonstrates extremely strong language understanding and text generation capabilities. It has not only attracted tremendous attention across various industries but also brought new transformations to the field of cybersecurity. Currently, research on ChatGPT in the cybersecurity field is still in its infancy. To help researchers systematically understand the research status of ChatGPT in cybersecurity, this paper provides the first comprehensive summary of ChatGPT’s applications in the field of cybersecurity and potential accompanying security issues. The article first outlines the development of large language model technologies and briefly introduces the technology and features of ChatGPT. Then, it discusses the enabling effects of ChatGPT in the cybersecurity field from two perspectives: assisting attacks and assisting defense. This includes vulnerability discovery, exploitation and remediation, malicious software detection and identification, phishing email generation and detection, and potential use cases in security operations scenarios. Furthermore, the article delves into the accompanying risks of ChatGPT in the cybersecurity field, including content risks and prompt injection attacks, providing a detailed analysis and discussion of these risks. Finally, the paper looks into the future of ChatGPT in the cybersecurity field from the perspectives of security enablement and accompanying security, pointing out the direction for future research on ChatGPT in the cybersecurity domain.
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    Research and Thinking on the Technical Framework of Data Security  in the Field of Transportation
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (11): 1092-.  
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    In recent years, in the continuous advancement of the construction of “digital government”, the “data gap” and “data island” between government departments have been gradually broken. As the core resource of digital government, data is an important driving force for national development,and also the most valuable core asset. With the largescale aggregation, integration and sharing of various data resources, a series of data securityrelated problems have emerged. For example, due to the high concentration of data, data is more likely to become the target of attacks, and a large number of illegal operations by internal personnel lead to data tampering and greatly increase. In order to solve the problem of data security in the field of transportation, this paper makes an indepth analysis of the main challenges of data security in the field of transportation technology and transportation, and proposes to create an “overall technical architecture of data security management and control”, and focuses on thinking and discussing the full life cycle security of data and data security operation    in the field of transportation. Data security management is not within the scope of this paper.
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    Key Points and Practice of Compliance Assessment for Government Data Security
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (11): 1050-.  
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    With the development of digital government, the security of government data has become a crucial task. The state attaches great importance to the security risk prevention of government data, and has issued a series of laws, regulations and policy documents, which put forward clear requirements for strengthening the security management of government data. Based on the requirements of government data security compliance, this article proposes the evaluation method and index system of compliance assessment for government data security, which will provide reference for the manager of government data to carry out government data security compliance assessment.
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    Automated Vulnerability Mining and Attack Detection
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (7): 630-.  
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    Research on the Application of Commercial Cryptography in 5G Network
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (4): 331-.  
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    As a new generation of mobile communication network infrastructure, 5G application scenarios run through all aspects of production and life, such as industrial Internet, energy industry, transportation, medical industry and education. However, unprecedented security risks have been brought to 5G networks, including massive terminal access, largescale network deployment, and massive data aggregation. 5G security has gradually become a worldwide research trend in recent years since it is crucial to social development, economic operation, and even national security. Cryptography is the core technology and basic support to assure network and information security. After more than ten years of development, national commercial cryptographic algorithms ZUC, SM4, SM3, SM2, whose independent intellectual property rights are available, have gradually exerted more indispensable effects in maintaining the security of national cyberspace. Starting from the 5G network architecture and interfaces, this paper analyzes the underlying security risks faced by the 5G networks and proposes a corresponding solution as an example in terms of the commercial cryptography application practices of the 5G network.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (6): 498-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (8): 734-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (9): 856-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (8): 751-.  
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    ATT&CK framework, as an attack perspective framework of network security in recent years, has attracted extensive research in the industry. This paper introduces the existing network security evaluation and detection technologies based on ATT&CK framework, and gives its own research results on this basis. In terms of evaluation, an automatic evaluation system based on ATT&CK framework is proposed. In terms of detection, the data source standardization method, attack analysis framework and attack chain analysis framework based on knowledge graph which are required by detection based on ATT&CK framework are proposed. This paper provides specific idea and implementation scheme for the application of ATT&CK framework in network security evaluation and detection.

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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (6): 613-.  
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    Edge service nodes have diversified service capabilities, and play an important role in improving the capability of data acquisition, communication, information awareness, command and control. To solve the problems of lack of security information sharing means and vulnerability of edge service nodes in a complex environment, an endogenous security blockchain network architecture composed of main chain, key chain and data chain is designed based on the DAG data structure in this paper, multipolicy security control techniques such as hardware private key storage, dynamic audit on the chain, data security transmission and network dynamic adjustment are adopted to establish a complete endogenous security mechanism for edge service nodes. Experiments show that the security mechanism in this paper can ensure the security of personnel, device, data storage, data access, data transmission, and data services, and form the basis of security for the industrial Internet.Key words edge service; blockchain; key chain; data security; dynamic audit

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    Data Security Governance Practices
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (11): 1069-.  
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    Data security governance has been written into the Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, data security governance is also one of the key points in the construction of systematic network security. This paper analyzes the data security governance concepts of Gantner and Microsoft, combines enterprise architecture, stakeholder theory, data flow security assessment, maturity security assessment and other methodologies, forms a set of data security governance concepts, and designs a data security management and operation platform for dynamic supervision and data security operation of data security governance indicators. Since 2018, this methodology and platform have been put into practice in the project to solve the construction and optimization of users’ data management and defense system.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (3): 206-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (6): 528-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (5): 416-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (5): 418-.  
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    Most consortium blockchains now run in closed and deterministic environments, and their smart contracts cannot have IO operations with the outside world. Some application scenarios (such as crediting blockchain, carbon trading blockchain, supply chain, express tracking, etc.) require a mechanism responsible for data interaction with the outside of consortium blockchains, generally called an oracle machine. The existing oracle techniques in the consortium chain have the following shortcomings: 1) The limited data interaction mode cannot meet the needs of distributed applications; 2) With the increase in the number of distributed oracle nodes, the consensus delay will also increase. 3) The participants of the consortium blockchain usually maintain the oracle nodes in the distributed oracle system, and the behavior in the data consensus process is invisible to the blockchain, which is not conducive to data governance. To address the problems, this paper proposes the following methods: 1) Based on the eventdriven mechanism, four oracle design patterns or interaction patterns are proposed, which support Pull and Push, Inbound and Outbound, four combinations of the oracle data interactions; 2) The threshold signature algorithm is used to reach a consensus on the data, which improves the scalability of the oracle system while ensuring the credibility of the data; 3) A reputation mechanism is introduced for data governance to maintain a local and global reputation for each oracle node, and dynamic update is carried out in the data consensus process. Finally, by designing multichain scenairos in crediting blockchain and carbon trading blockchain, the applications of the four oracle design patterns, scalability, and reliability of the oracle nodes are evaluated and analyzed.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (5): 484-.  
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    Smart contract is the program code that can be shared on the blockchain, involving account address, digital assets and other information. In recent years, smart contracts develop rapidly, expanding the blockchain platform from a simple distributed ledger system to a rich decentralized operating system, leading the era of blockchain 2.0. However, smart contracts are facing a serious problem of privacy disclosure, which limits the further development and application of smart contract technology. This paper analyzes four smart contract privacy protection key technologies of zero knowledge proof, secure multiparty computing, homomorphic encryption and trusted execution environment, summarizes the latest research results of current smart contract privacy protection solutions, and prospects the future research direction.
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    Research on the Application of Commercial Cryptography to Cloud Computing
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (4): 375-.  
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    Cloud computing, as a new information processing method, enables users to access information and communication resource services through the network, and it has become an inevitable trend in the development of information technology industry. Users, data, and information resources are highly concentrated, highly dependent on the continuity of cloud platform services, and the scalability of virtualized resources bring inevitable security risks to cloud computing., and the scalability of virtualized resources bring inevitable security risks to cloud computing. Therefore, how to eliminate the security risks of cloud computing by using commercial cryptography technology has become the current research hotspot. This paper starts from the cloud computing network architecture, anlyzes the cryptography application requirements of cloud computing. The paper proposes the corresponding commercial cryptography application scheme for cloud computing scenarios on this basis. The research results provide a theoretical guidance and reference for the application practice of commercial cryptography in cloud computing scenarios, and are expected to solve the key problems of cloud computing security.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (8): 831-.  
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    At present, open source has become one of the best organizing methods for human superlargescale intellectual collaboration, and has also become the "main battlefield" of technological innovation, ushering in great development worldwide. At the same time, open source software has also become a mature target for software supply chain attacks, facing security vulnerabilities, intellectual property rights, open source regulation and other risks. This paper analyzes the current security situation and risks of open source software supply chain, puts forward open source software development security solutions, and puts forward suggestions for the development of open source software supply chain.
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    A Survey of SQL Injection Attack Detection and Defense Technology
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (5): 412-.  
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    In the era of “Internet+”, data is the most valuable resource of the Internet. Attackers often use SQL injection attacks to destroy the database in order to obtain important data information in the database. The threat to database security is becoming more and more serious. At present, the research on SQL injection attacks mostly focuses on traditional SQL injection attacks, but lacks the cognition of new advanced SQL injection technology with stronger concealment and higher risk, and the research on related detection and defense technology. In response to this phenomenon, this paper analyzes and evaluates traditional and advanced SQL injection attack technologies and their technical characteristics based on the classification of SQL injection technologies; summarizes existing detection and defense technologies, and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of these methods for defense effectiveness; finally The problems existing in the current research field are sorted out, and suggestions for future research directions are put forward.

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    Research on Content Detection Generated by Large Language Model  and the Mechanism of Bypassing
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (6): 524-.  
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    In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of large language models. AI robots like ChatGPT, although they have a largescale security confrontation mechanism inside, attackers can still elaborate questionandanswer patterns to bypass the mechanism, with their help to automatically produce phishing emails and carry out network attacks. In this case, how to identify the text generated by AI robots has also become a hot issue. In order to carry out LLMgenerated content detection experiment, our team collected a certain number of questionandanswer data samples from an Internet social platform and ChatGPT platform, and proposed a series of detection strategies according to different conditions of AI text availability. It includes text similarity analysis based on online controllable AI samples, text data mining based on statistical differences under offline conditions, adversarial analysis based on the LLM generation method under the condition that AI samples are not available, and AI model analysis based on building a classifier by finetuning the target LLM model itself. We calculated and compared the detection capabilities of the analysis engine in each case. On the other hand, we give some antikill techniques against AI text detection engines based on the characteristics of detection strategies, from the perspective of network attack and defense.
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    Survey of Coverage-guided Grey-box Fuzzing
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (7): 643-.  
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    In recent years, coverageguided greybox fuzzing has become one of the most popular techniques for vulnerability mining, which plays an increasingly important role in the software security industry. With the increasing variety of application scenarios and complexity of test applications, the performance requirements of coverageguided greybox fuzzing are further improved. This paper studies the existing coverageguided greybox fuzzing methods, summarizes its general framework, and analyzes its challenges and the development status. The experimental results of these methods are summarized and the problems existing in the experimental evaluation are discussed. Finally, the future development trend of coverageguided greybox fuzzing is prospected.Key words fuzzing; hole mining; coverageguided; greybox; software security

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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (E2): 4-.  
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    Organizational Capacity Building of Government Data Security
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (11): 1061-.  
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    As the country pays more and more attention to data security, government data, as the core assets of the digital government in the new era, will involve not only personal information data of citizens, but also important data such as government agencies. Therefore, the security protection and protection capabilities of government data cannot be ignored. At present, domestic protection mechanisms and research on government data security are relatively lacking. This paper analyzes the risks brought by laws, regulations and policies, complex business scenarios and new technologies to government data. Combining the three security levels of security management, security technology and security operation of government data. This paper proposes a government data security organization capability framework that meets the security requirements of government data, providing ideas for the subsequent research on government data security assurance system.
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    A Survey of IoT Firmware Vulnerability Security Detection
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (12): 1146-.  
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    With the advent of the Internet of everything, the security issues of the IoT have become more and more important, especially the economic losses caused by security risks and attacks caused by firmware vulnerabilities in the IoT. Efficient firmware vulnerability detection technology has increasingly become the key to ensuring the security of IoT devices. Therefore, studying the methods and technologies related to firmware vulnerability security detection in the IoT has essential theoretical significance and practical value. This paper analyzes the reasons for the frequent security problems of IoT firmware, summarizes the main security threats faced by IoT firmware, and targets the firmware. Based on the challenges faced by vulnerability analysis, the existing firmware vulnerability detection methods are reviewed. Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different methods, it provides guidance for further improving the intelligence, precision, automation, effectiveness, and scalability of the firmware security defect detection method. Finally, future research in IoT firmware vulnerability security detection is prospected.
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    Research on Network Security Governance and Response of  Largescale AI Model
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (6): 551-.  
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    With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, largescale AI model technology has become an important research direction in the field of artificial intelligence. The publication of ChatGPT4.0 and ERNIE Bot has rapidly promoted the development and application of this technology. However, the emergence of largescale AI model technology has also brought new challenges to network security. This paper will start with the definition, characteristics and application of largescale AI model technology, and analyze the network security situation under largescale AI model technology. The network security governance framework of largescale AI model is proposed, and the given steps can provide reference for network security work of largescale AI model.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (8): 768-.  
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    Docker is widely used in network application systems. However, there are not enough corresponding protection measures for the relatively low frequency but fatal escape problem. In order to reduce the harm of the docker escape problems, CFMAC (container based on fuzzy mandatory access control) model is proposed to reinforce the security of the Docker container. The model uses mandatory access control to restrict the attacker's access after Evasion Attacks. As well as, in order to solve the problem of hard to determine the entity security level and strong subjectivity in mandatory access control, fuzzy clustering analysis and risk matrix analysis are combined to divide the subject and object into three levels: secret, general and public, to intercept access and enter security verification by LSM(Linux security model). The test results show that the model can successfully restrict suspicious processes to access files.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (7): 715-.  
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    Building a digital government is an inevitable requirement to improve the efficiency of government governance under the background of the indepth development of informatization. Economic governance is an important part of government functions, which is directly related to the highquality development of economy and society. The construction of digital government is a systematic project, which is not a simple “government management+informatization”, nor “informatization+government management”. Coordinating the construction of digital government and the government's performance of economic governance function is an important prerequisite for consolidating the benign interaction between the two. To better serve economic governance, it is the key for digital government is to summarize successful experiences and cases, identify application scenarios and actively and steadily promote them, optimize functions and promote indepth integration in the process of meeting scenario needs.Key words digital government; government governance; macroeconomic governance; digitization; fuse
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    Research on Memorycorruption Vulnerability Defense Methods  Based on Memory Protection Technology
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (7): 694-.  
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    Since its outbreak of COVID19 in the world, the process of digital transformation has been further accelerated in all sectors around the world. With the increasing value of information assets, information security problems follow. Vulnerability attacks are the root cause of frequent security incidents in recent years. Vulnerability defense ability directly affects the security of the system. How to prevent vulnerability exploitation without patches has become an urgent need. Vulnerability exploitation defense has also become an important research content in the field of attack and defense confrontation of information security. This paper studies the binary memorycorruption vulnerability defense methods and puts forward a new method to deal with the increasing vulnerability attacks.Key words memory protection technology; memorycorruption vulnerability; network security; behavior monitoring; vulnerability defense; endpoint security
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    Survey of Network Intrusion Detection Based on Deep Learning
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (12): 1163-.  
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    The rapid development of the Internet not only brings great convenience to users, but also causes many security incidents. With the increasing number of network attacks such as zeroday vulnerabilities and encryption attacks, the network security situation is becoming more and more serious. Intrusion detection is an important means of network attack detection. In recent years, with the continuous development of deep learning technology, intrusion detection system based on deep learning is gradually becoming a research hotspot in the field of network security. This paper introduces recent work on network intrusion detection using deep learning technology based on extensive investigation of literature. Firstly, it briefly summarizes the current network security situation and traditional intrusion detection technologies. Then, several deep learning models commonly used in network intrusion detection system are introduced. Then it summarizes the commonly used data preprocessing techniques, data sets and evaluation indicators in deep learning. Then from the perspective of practical application, it introduces the specific application of deep learning model in network intrusion detection system. Finally, the problems in the current research process are discussed, and the future development direction is put forward.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (6): 534-.  
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    AbstractAiming at the security issues of industrial systems, according to the dynamic heterogeneous redundancy (DHR) model in the mimic defense theory, and combined with the actual application scenarios of industrial systems. Firstly, this paper proposed a hybrid adjudication method, which aims at four heterogeneous executants for industrial field protocols. And then an executive scheduling method under limited heterogeneous resources is proposed, which based on the heterogeneity of the executive body set and the commonmode defense coefficient. Finally, the algorithm in this paper and the random scheduling algorithm will be simulated and analyzed. The results show that the new algorithm can not only effectively support complex simulated industrial control application scenarios, which mixed digital and analog signals, but also can quickly identify common mode attack, reduce the common mode escape time of the system, and further improve the defense capability of industrial control system.Key words mimic defense; industrial controller; heterogeneous actuator; arbitration; scheduling
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    Application of Blockchain Technology in Government Affairs
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (12): 1223-.  
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    As one of the new generation information technologies, blockchain has great technical advantages in promoting data sharing and utilization, optimizing business process links, improving multiparty collaboration efficiency, reducing overall operating costs, establishing a trusted ecosystem, etc., which provides a new paradigm of capabilities for realizing trusted circulation and sharing of egovernment business data, security asset information protection, and cross departmental collaborative supervision. This paper has designed a new blockchain technology architecture system. By building a blockchain service center, a government application chain service platform and a government security chain service platform, multiple pilot applications have been enabled in the province to achieve the inventory, connection, and standardized management of business and multi chain data resources, forming a basic “data asset” management system.

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    ChatGPT’s Security Threaten Research
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (6): 533-.  
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    With the rapid development of deep learning technology and natural language processing technology, the large language model represented by ChatGPT came into being. However, while showing surprising capabilities in many fields, ChatgPT also exposed many security threats, which aroused the concerns of academia and industry. This paper first introduces the development history, working mode, and training methods of ChatGPT and its series models, then summarizes and analyzes various current security problems that ChatGPT may encounter and divides it into two levels: user and model. Then, countermeasures and solutions are proposed according to the characteristics of ChatGPT at each stage. Finally, this paper looks forward to developing a safe and trusted ChatGPT and a large language model.
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    Research and Thinking on Data Classification and Grading of Important Information Systems#br#
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (7): 631-.  
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    With the development of information technology and networking, incidents surrounding data security are also increasing. The data as a new production factor, is particularly important to ensure the security of important data. The “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” clearly stipulates that the country should establish a data classification and grading protection system to implement classification and grading protection for data. This paper will study China’s data safety management regulations and policies, analyze the the degree of impact and influening objects of data damage, propose specific data classification and grading methods, and provide security protection and governance measures under data classification and grading management based on the industry characteristics and application scenarios of government data. It will achieve the openness and sharing of the data under safety protection, and provide reference for the classification and classification protection of the data in the future.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (10): 954-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (8): 845-.  
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    Aiming at the problems of complex sources, difficult to understand and share security threat intelligence, this paper realizes deep learning of threat intelligence features based on restricted Boltzmann machine, which maps the original threat intelligence features from high dimensional space to low dimensional space layer by layer, and constructs the cyberspace security threat knowledge map. By using the cyberspace security threat knowledge map, and combining with the current context, the path evolution and tracing of security threats are carried out through event flow processing to accurately perceive cyberspace security threats. The experiment verifies the feasibility of constructing the cyberspace security threat knowledge map, and verifies the security threat perception method based on the knowledge map is more suitable for the perception of highintensity security threats by comparing with traditional threat detection methods.
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    A Novel Blockchain Privacy Preserving Scheme Based on Paillier  and FO Commitment
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (4): 306-.  
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    The blockchain is a shared database with excellent characteristics such as high decentralization and traceability. However, data leakage is still a big problem for blockchain transactions. To order to solve the problem, this paper introduces Paillier homomorphic encryption with variable k (KPH), a privacy protection strategy that hides transaction information by the public key encryption algorithm RSA, performs zeroknowledge proof on the legitimacy of the transaction amount with FO commitment, and updates the transaction amount using the enhanced Paillier semihomomorphic encryption algorithm and verifies the transaction using the FO commitment. Unlike the typical Paillier algorithm, the KPH scheme’s Paillier algorithm includes the variable k and combines the L function and the Chinese remainder theorem to reduce the time complexity from O(|n|2+e) to O(logn), making the algorithm decryption process more efficient.

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    A Survey of Data Security Sharing Technology Development and  Its Application in Power Domain
    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (3): 208-.  
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    The circulation, sharing and collaborative application of data elements are the core elements of data element market cultivation in the digital era, and data security sharing technology can effectively realize the secure sharing of data and avoid the phenomenon of “data silos” and privacy leakage. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the latest research achievements and progress of data security sharing technologies in this field. First of all, we outline the development and evolution of data security sharing technologies, and then compare and analyze existing data security sharing solutions in terms of technical features, problem solving, advantages and disadvantages, and summarize the key technologies they rely on and the risks and challenges they face. Secondly, we discuss the application of data security sharing technologies in typical scenarios in the energy and power fields, such as power energy trading, power internet of things, and electric vehicles, providing new ideas and insights for data compliance and governance in the energy and power fields. Finally, the future research directions and development prospects of data security sharing technology applications in the energy and power domain are foreseen.
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2022, 8 (6): 522-.  
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    Journal of Information Security Reserach    2023, 9 (E1): 105-.  
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